Fear Work-from-home/ Remote Work: Smash all your Fears

In today’s digital age, the world is our office and remote work is on a roll. More and more businesses and industries are now catching up with the idea of remote work and thus, offering work from home and different other options to their employees.

While the parents, especially, mothers are always on the hunt for remote work options, there are others who, often, contemplate work from home and remote job positions. They fear inconsistency in their career graph. Even more, there are emotions that a workspace away from the office may even affect their efficiency or hit their productivity levels. Thus, they end up deciding to procrastinate a bit more until the efficiency of the new system gets evaluated on a bigger scale.

If you ever found yourself stuck in such a situation or are on the verge of making a big decision, this blog post is going to help you in a great manner. It will help you smash out all your fears and embrace the opportunity without any inhibitions. Finally, it will give you the reasons as to why you must not let go the remote work/ work from home opportunity if it ever comes your way:

Reason 1: Remote work is a popular choice amongst employers and employees

Remember, we are living in the age of digital nomads. We believe in working, traveling and exploring. According to data from surepayroll, 46% agreed that they are open to flexible and remote work schedule. And, this number is growing fast. In fact, remote work is a choice amongst people of all sorts, whether rich, young, or old. Additionally, the employers are also favoring these positions as they help them in reducing the employee turnover. Why you must, therefore, restrict yourself to an office cubicle?

Reason 2: Smash your fears of reduced productivity

The telecommuting has made the meetings (both planned and impromptu) quicker and convenient. Additionally, there are fewer distractions. The employees reveal that they are able to finish the same task in less amount of time. There is more engagement and thus, improved employee performance. According to the report of Gallup’s State of the American Workplace , the remote workers are 32% more engaged than their work-from-office counterparts who are found to be only 28% engaged. Moreover, the research conducted by Stanford University revealed that the productivity of work from home employees rose by 13%.

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Reason 3: Shun stress

One of the main factors stimulating the interest in work-from-home positions is relatively less amount of stress. The employees feel much more relaxed and there are high energy levels.  They further reveal that because the stress levels are reduced considerably, their performance improves manifold. Furthermore, there is a cultivation of flexible and fun work environment.  This, in turn, motivates the employees to work for longer hours. Also, there is a significant reduction in the number of leaves.

Last words:

While there are numerous benefits of workspace away from the office, there are people who think otherwise. For them, it is not a dream-come-true opportunity and thus, they find it a torture and distraction. Moreover, they may even miss the camaraderie of the workplace. You are, therefore, the best judge depending on your personality and circumstances. Nevertheless, if you couldn’t grab the remote work opportunity till now owing to the factors listed above; it’s a green signal for you! It’s time for you to avoid those fears and embrace the new opportunity that promises a better future and a fun work life.

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