Demystifying love: Finding Love in a Chaotic World

All of us are a part of this crazy, chaotic world where each one of us is longing for lasting love and intimacy. The intimacy, however, refuses to last.

Is it because we are living in a time where we have become so much used to celebrating our “craziness”?

As a part of this craziness, we tend to put our partners through a lot of crap even without realizing it. In the process, they end up losing their integrity and there remains no value for commitment. Even more, the individuals tend to compromise their beliefs and lose vital parts of their personalities just to be in love.

Is this a real definition of true love or what they say “eternal bond”?

Also, it makes me think:

Isn’t it that our love or relationship requires a special kind of dedication and commitment to get it going and make it stronger each passing day?

I always thought our love carries a deeper meaning. I always find it to be an amazingly powerful emotion.

But in this chaotic world full of complex emotions and relationships, it seems to have lost all its significance.

Have you ever felt a desire to experience love in its true form?


Do you wish to be in love that refuses to fade away?

This post of mine goes far beyond craziness that is prevalent in today’s world and into the realm of how we must thrive on finding and sustaining our true love and thus, ultimate happiness.

The keys to finding love that leads us to happiness are:

Finding someone who is smitten with you

Always consider spending your life with a person who is struck by your love. Finding someone who is passionate about you is quite difficult and a rare thing. Choosing to spend the rest of your life with that person is even rare. But, those who stick to people who admire them tend to be happier in relationships.

Rather than moving on to find Mr. or Mrs. Perfect, it’s best to settle down with someone who wants to be with you. You must never let that person go away because the chances are that person will never turn his/ her back on you.

Finding someone who believes in you

If a person is your significant other, he/ she will be convinced with yours goals and aspirations in life. That person will always make you believe that you have what it takes to prevail and succeed.  That person never finds your dreams too big as found by others and even you at times. And he/ she will be the one trusting you against all odds.

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Finding someone who is authentic

To be with some who shares your values is certainly a blessing in life. The significant other, if he/ she is authentic, will never let you down. That person will be by your side always helping you sail smoothly through life’s journey.

Far from the madness of this chaotic world, he/ she will create a life with you that will be based on love, trust, and commitment.

Finding someone who supports your goals

In order to sustain long term, people you love must support your goals/ value your priorities in life so as to keep you high and motivated. For a happy relationship, you need to respect sacrifices that are being made on both the sides and continue evolving in life.

Final words:

Lucky are the ones who are able to experience love in its purest form and they must never refrain from doing everything that it takes to protect and nurture it. Love is, indeed, a blessing in one’s life because it makes you grow into your highest self.

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