Alternative Career Options to Freelance Blogging/ Writing

Are you trying to push your luck too far in freelance blogging/ writing?

Is it that it’s been months or even years since you’ve been trying but there has been not much success?

If that happens to be the case, you must be thinking of calling it quits. You might lose faith in yourself or you might even start blaming it on your destiny. But have you considered you might be making some costly mistakes or it could be freelance blogging/ writing is just not right for you? Not every individual is same. And what works for one might not just work for another.

There is nothing to feel disheartened. It is just that you need to research and gather more information. And it might help you to take a different route.

It could be that you enjoy writing but you’re not able to write fluently. This is significant especially when you’re not writing in a native language.

Or, it could be that you’re not able to focus much so as to be able to write quality content or content that sells.

The foremost thing for you to understand is that there’s absolutely nothing wrong or there’s no shame in taking a detour. There are so many inter-connected fields when we talk about freelance blogging/ writing in this era of digitization.

Are you thinking of trying your luck in one of those fields?

Given below are different alternative career options that might suit your skills and talent better:

Virtual assistant

If you’ve sound English and if you’ve picked up some good technical skills, you can certainly consider becoming a virtual assistant to renowned people in your field of work. This job might demand proficiency in WordPress. Your employer may even ask you to send email newsletters and follow-up with their readers/ fans. Besides earning handsome money, you’ll be getting hands-on training on how the work should be ideally carried out in the profession of blogging/ writing. By refining your skills and after gaining some experience, you can even consider re-launching your blogging/ writing career.

Social Media Marketer

If you’ve flair for writing but find it difficult to make a full-time career/ living out of it, you can even use your creativity and skills as a social media marketer. The job of a social media marketer is to write a compelling content with/ without graphics to convince the user into buying your products/ services. This field is quite promising and offers a lot of scope for professional excellence.

SEO Related Work

Talking about Search Engine Optimization, there is a lot of writing work involved in this field. By working as a content writer for an SEO agency, you can continue pursuing your writing passion without having to worry too much about creativity and vocabulary that is otherwise involved in all other writing jobs. Even more, you don’t need to know much about SEO to become a content writer.

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If you’ve been pursuing blogging/ writing for some time, it is likely that you have acquired significant knowledge and skills related to the domain of your work. You can use your experience to conduct workshops or private sessions for those who are interested in pursuing blogging and writing as their career.

The best thing about the job roles given above is that while they can help you earn extra money, you can continue pursuing your passion for writing at the same time.