Freelance Writing Gigs: Ways to Find Them and Make Money Online

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Plenty of my readers contacted me saying that they desire to become freelance writers or bloggers. Yet, they accept no clue on how to go about getting paid freelance writing gigs. There are many freelancing opportunities available online. However, it is hard to realize where to even begin? In that respect are people who don’t know where and what to look for. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the jobs that are being seen are legit and not scams.

Those first few steps in the life a Freelance writer are the all-important ones. As a matter of fact, you just can’t go wrong. Going small is alright, but what counts is the quality of work. Therefore, Blogging or freelance writing is a heap more than getting paid gigs.

The objective of writing this post is to help my readers know the sites that are worth their time and effort. Such sites offer, the listing of legit, well-paying and good quality freelance writing gigs. The resources are used by writers, copywriters, editors, virtual assistants or anyone in between. These resources were personally used by me to find paid positions for myself.

A Word of Caution:

Before you scroll down to access the list of sites, you must not take anything that is tendered to you only because you’re a novice. As a blogger or a freelance writer, you necessitate a great deal of forbearance and persistence. It’s not going to be an easy journey finding clients that are worth your potential.

Sites to Avoid:

As a beginner, it’s easy to get lured into sites like Upwork (oDesk), Elance, Guru, etc. They appear to provide better prospects of landing on something even without a big portfolio. The truth, nonetheless, is that you get captivated in a web where hundreds and thousands of freelancers are competing against you. There is a mad rush for the bids (the lower ones) making your chances of winning a project as exceptional.

Any author, yet the new one deserves a gig much more than a penny per word. And my readers certainly deserve a great deal more.

A list of Sites:

While there are sites that offered paid access to the listings, the good news is that the sites mentioned below offer free access:


Whether you’re into writing about style, marketing, parenting or health; you can detect a sound dose of blogging and freelance writing jobs on this plank. Furthermore, an excellent thing about this job board is that it is most sought after by the serious employers and you can find all the major listings here. You can find the highest paid industry gigs here in all the niches.

(This job board is my personal favorite as I base my first writing gig here!)

Writing Gigs

The site Freelance Writing Gigs has a potential to help you land a decent gig by offering the listings from Craiglist boards. It provides categorized listings of Content Writing jobs, Blogging jobs, Copywriting jobs, Journalism jobs and Miscellaneous Freelance Writing jobs. Job seekers from around the world can easily apply for remote or location independent gigs.

LinkedIn Jobs

As a freelancer, a LinkedIn profile is a large affair. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you must have it now. It sounds a long work to help you network with your potential customers. LinkedIn is the biggest platform for a professional networking. Besides that, there is a Jobs section where you can search for jobs that match your interests. While most of the postings are location-based, you can easily search remote and work-from-home jobs. Even more, you may also consider using Linked Jobs App for your convenience.

Morning Coffee Newsletter

All you need to do is subscribe to this weekly e-newsletter and the list of writing gigs from around the web will be delivered right to your inbox. This site saves you a great deal of time in browsing different sites. Therefore, you can concentrate more on composition and less on browsing freelance gigs. The tasks listed are of all the levels ranging from beginner stages to the advanced stages.

The Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs

This e-book available free of cost online lists 45 blogs paying $50 or more per post. A freelance blogger Sophie Lizard has, indeed, done a cracking job in compiling the lists of highest paying gigs under different categories like Parenting and Motherhood, Food, Tutorials, Technology, etc. All it requires is downloading the e-book and you get a free access to the highest paying blogs in your niche.

P.S. It’s a fantastic feeling to make $50 out of your one post. Still, the journey as a Freelancer is not comfortable. In all honesty, there are going to be huge setbacks and numerous challenges. Nevertheless, if there is a great deal of purpose, there is not going to be a loser. Finally, if you’re keen on learning some cool Blogging hacks, you might as well be interested in reading my blog post: Bloggers are made, not born

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