Goodbye 2017 and Welcome 2018!

As we usher into New Year, I feel overwhelmed thinking about the phenomenal year that has gone by and the exciting times that are yet to come.

The year 2017 has indeed been an eventful year both on personal and professional grounds.

The launch of my new portal ‘Digital Kangaroos‘, exciting projects in the space of Blogging and Social Media Marketing, and the most coveted IndiBlogger Blogging award for ‘My Study Destination’ blog (my work for Girnar Global) in the field of education; I couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling year.

With stronger friendships and family bonds, abundant memories were created that are to be treasured for a lifetime.

Even though the New Year simply marks a change in calendar date, there is something about it that excites me. It gives me hope, positivity and a reason to look forward to better things in life.

Simply by writing this post and thinking about the year that lies ahead of me, I feel encouraged and motivated to work even harder to get closer to the career of my dreams and to one of my most cherished dreams that is to find this blog at different heights. This blog is my passion and its growth is a promise made to each one of you reading this post. Having said before, I repeat I shall do everything it takes to take this blog to the zenith of glory.

Goodbye folks until we talk next year and wishing you all a very happy and blessed New Year 2018!

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