Happy New Year 2019!

I can’t thank you enough for all the support and unconditional love you have showered upon me ever since the launch of this blog in the year 2016 which was indeed a transformational year for me for more than 1 reason.

It has become a ritual for me to write a few special posts on this blog and the New Year’s post every changing year is one of them. I must have said this before a number of times, this blog and everything I write here is special and close to my heart. This blog is an inspiration, a devotion to love and adherence to the belief that hard-work gets valued. This blog is my diary, my life and a place where I long to be all the time. This blog is a motivation that gets me into my writing groove at times when I find myself really happy and at times when things become really sad and then when the times are special. The dawn of a New Year is one such special time for me which brings with itself a ray of hope, positivity and a flashback to the year that has gone by. And for this simple reason, I couldn’t wait to draft this post and hit publish button.

There is a lot to reminiscence about the year 2018 and there is, even more, to look forward to in the coming year. I am ever grateful to the love and recognition my work got in the space of Digital Marketing. On that note, I am going to share a list of articles that I  have enjoyed writing the most in the last couple of months. At the same time, I pray to God that may each one of you find peace, love and happiness in the coming year,  and may prosperity touch your feet.

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I also thought of sharing the list of top-read articles from MyStudyDestination blog, my work which has been nominated for the prestigious UK Blog Awards 2019.

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Study Abroad Experience: Benefits of a Dual Campus Program

Is Falling Rupee Hurting Your Dreams of Studying in the USA?

Besides this, I have been working on a few more exciting projects- the updates about which can be followed on my Instagram profile @saniagupta_official and the official website

If there’s one thing I would want to tell myself and my readers to focus on in the New Year, it would be to work harder every day on yourself than anything else.

Finally, a very Happy and Blissful New Year 2019 to all my wonderful and amazing bunch of readers!

Please do spare a moment to share with me your favorite memories of the year 2018 and how you plan to welcome the New Year!