Have You Got Articulate Writing Skills? Start Freelancing and Be Your Own Boss

The generation today comprises of the millennial workforce and does not want to be clocked in and out of the office every day and work with control-freak management. The millennials prefer independence, flexibility, traveling, freedom and they want to be a master of their own ship.

Welcome to the world of ‘Digital Nomads’!

Being your own boss is the best feeling ever and why not? No more panic attacks and excuses for getting late to the workplace. You can work right from the comfort of your home or coffee shop and even decide working hours on your own. You are your own decision maker.

Earning money is definitely a top priority but independence and flexibility supersede it in today’s digital nomadic world.

Digitization has caused the biggest disruption in the millennial workforce industry.  With easy access to laptops and the internet, it has become possible to work-from-home or any of the places be it your favorite travel destination, coffee shop or even a park.

While there are many freelance gigs available online, we aim at exploring writing (content writing, blogs, articles, creative writing) gigs through this blog post.

First thing first, do you have articulate writing skills and knowledge? The world of freelance gigs is waiting for you.

Are you ready to explore this world further?

So, what are pre-requisites of becoming a good content writer or a blogger?

Besides having good writing skills, there are three basic areas which you need to master for becoming a good freelancer or full-time writer.

1. Research, Research and Research!

To add credibility and value to the content, you need to have impeccable research skills. Google and other search engines are your weapons. You need to know how to get the best hits from the search engines by using the right set of keywords or phrases. The information provided in the content should be trustworthy, 100% original and should be backed with supporting links. There is no room for paraphrased, plagiarized or copied content.

2. Understanding Search Engine Optimization or SEO

SEO is the most common term used in this industry. If the content is not SEO friendly, then it’s useless. No matter how beautifully it was crafted!

There is no point in creating a content which does not reach the targeted audience. A pro content writer knows how to add the keywords or phrases wisely and how to get top ranks in search engines.

3. Tone and Style

Apart from grammar and vocab, the tone and style of the content do matter. It all depends on the audience. If you are writing a whitepaper, you need to give more technical details and use jargon frequently. But, if you are working on a blog then you must write in a conversational tone. This will not only engage the visitor but will also hook him till the end.

By the way, did you notice the style of writing this blog post? Remember, it’s a personal blog?

Next, are you wondering how can you achieve all this?

Well, it is definitely not a cake walk. It will take time, dedication and commitment. If you are a student then you may go for summer internships projects offered by many digital marketing companies and get hands-on experience. If you are not a student then freelance writing gigs are likely to be your first choice.

Are you thinking how and where to find these jobs?

Well, let me tell you that you can search them right away from any remote location using your laptop.

Yes! Open your laptop and connect with an ever-growing freelance gig world.

The networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. are the core places to find gig jobs easily.  To start with, join and follow a relevant gig group, content writers groups or page/s belonging to your city on Facebook and get going.

For example, if you are in Ludhiana, then you may wish to follow a few popular city-specific pages like I Love Ludhiana or join groups like Ludhiana Help Post or Jobs Help Post Ludhiana.

Talking about LinkedIn, the trick of the trade is to create a profile that showcases the best of your professional accomplishments, evidently highlight your skills and experience in the industry.  Besides exploring the ‘Jobs’ feature of this platform, you may start introducing yourself to relevant connections and you never know when they end up offering an opportunity to which you would never want to say ‘NO’. Remember, finding your dream freelance writing gig is all about hitting the right chord.

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Yet another powerful and effective way could be of connecting with digital marketing agencies and letting them know that you’re available in the market. Most of them usually look for remote freelance writers or part-time workers and offer handsome perks.

The main thing is to Start and Start right away.

After getting some experience, you may also start your own blog and thereafter, not only use it as your portfolio to showcase your writing skills but also to monetize it using one or more methods like Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, etc. If you are one of those serious and passionate bloggers, it won’t take long for you to see your blog turning into a brand amongst your readers.

This is not the end but just the beginning and indeed your first step in the field of digital marketing. The investment- time and money, you make in your blog will help you in diversifying your profile in the spectrum of digital marketing and take your career to the next level.

Last Few Words:

“Great things come from small beginnings.”

I started very small as a freelance writer. Slowly and gradually, I diversified my profile and started offering complete digital marketing solutions. All it needs is strong determination, dedication, commitment and knowledge.

Do you have it in you?