How Can it Hurt You by Being Overly Judgmental?

The ability to quickly analyze the situation and seize the control is one of the key leadership qualities. It might not, however, always act in your favor. Because there would be multiple times when you might just act too fast and start being overly judgmental. This is significant, especially, in the matters of criticism.

It’s important not to form quick opinions about situations or people in our lives. Because the opinions you form can sometimes be completely wrong and in the process, you don’t only hurt yourself but can end up hurting others as well.

Why is it that your judgments can be completely wrong?

You Might Just Know the Half Story

We might just read something about an individual and form a firm opinion about him/her. Isn’t it that our life is a book and you’ve not even read one complete chapter of that person’s life?

With so much proliferation of digital media into our lives, everyone is desperate to get a byte. In this era of WhatsApp and Facebook, what you must know is that it’s not practically possible to decide if what you’re seeing or getting to read is even close to the truth or not.

The same goes for people whom we meet in real life. Even though, it is possible to get positive/ negative vibes from an individual after the 1st meeting; it doesn’t necessarily mean that things (on either side or both sides) will remain same for a lifetime.

Even more, you hardly know anything about their life. There is a huge probability that what they are projecting or are forced to project might just be far from the reality.

Talking about our relationships, we spend a vast amount of time in nurturing them with love and care. All it takes is just 1-2 times for things to go off-the-track and for us to give up everything else.

Learn to give yourself a chance and others too!

Preconceived Notions

How many times does it happen that you have your opinions formed about the individual much before the actual meeting with that person takes place?

Is it that you have a tendency to take what other people tell you very seriously?

Have you ever thought they are not you?

They are, in fact, completely different from you. It’s alright to listen to what they have to tell you or warn you against other people but your experiences ought to be different from them.

Make experience your guide and not preconceived negative feelings.

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The Wrong Projection

Some experiences are meant to change the entire course of your life or have an everlasting effect on you. They start affecting your thinking and feelings without even you realizing the same. Many times, you become so familiar with your problems and issues in life that you start seeing them everywhere else. Even if you don’t have the full story, you start attaching your own meanings to almost every situation/ thing in your life and might end up filling in the blanks with your assumptions or missing information.

It’s not worth building roadblocks out of assumptions

In the process of being judgemental, it happens quite frequently that you end up ruining some important relationships or never give new relationships a chance to prosper. Isn’t it a huge a price to pay?

Are you being too much judgmental in life? Share your thoughts on the topic with us. We love hearing from our readers.

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