How to Combine SEO and Email Marketing to Drive Traffic and Boost Rankings?

For a better audience reach and traffic, you need to deploy your SEO marketing efforts beyond website and search engines. If technical SEO and on-page SEO are critical components, off-page optimization cannot also be ignored. Email marketing is one of the vital components of every SEO drive.

SEO helps your business by adding visibility and authority to the brand. But with increasing competition, it has become difficult to rank on SERPs. So, you need to pull out all the stops to make your website rank high and tap maximum traffic. Emails are a great way of personalized marketing which helps to scale and rank your business effectively.

You need to channelize the power of content to leverage the maximum of your on-page and off-page SEO efforts. Email marketing is a powerful element of off-page SEO that significantly boosts your SERP ranking and drive traffic n times. 

How you can boost rankings and traffic by combining SEO and email marketing?

1.     Lower Bounce Rates
Email marketing helps to bring highly targeted and convertible traffic to your website. You can share your popular blog posts with convincing CTAs. The best part is that only the genuine audience will be clicking the CTA buttons.
So, you can be sure that the visitor coming to your website has a high chance of conversions. This, in turn, lowers down the bounce rate dramatically.
2.     Connect with Reader’s Intent
As a part of the blogosphere, you need to connect with the reader’s queries and their intent as well. Also, understanding the intent behind the Google query and giving solutions as per that, improves Google rankings.
The best way to do this is to conduct an online survey. It’s through your email-marketing you can let your readers or subscribers know about it.  Ask questions related to the audience’s interest, fears, needs, challenges, etc.
Curate the content in such a way that answers/covers most of their queries. Your content should be able to connect well with the audience’s intent. Share this drafted blog with your email-listings again. This amplifies the chances of the blog being opened and read.
3.     Re-purposing Newsletter Content
Unleash the power of newsletter beyond just promoting your latest products/blogs or services. You can design some subscriber-exclusive content for your audience. This will make the people sign-up more and join your email listings.
You can repurpose your newsletter content in different formats to make new subscribers feel valued. You never know when your newsletter content starts ranking in SERPs as well. But, don’t overdo it. 
4.     Real-Time Performance
You can easily automate things using emails such as sequencing. Whenever a new subscriber is added to the mailing list, greet him with the best of your posts. Go for an automated flow of emails without requiring any manual effort.
This way, your subscriber list will keep on adding some new visitors and readers. When there is a pertinent growth in your traffic, Google starts ranking your website. The more the traffic is engaged, the higher the rank is given to the website.
5.     Social Media Engagement
Emails containing social sharing buttons encourage subscribers to share the content on different platforms. Include a CTA that asks them to share it with friends and relatives. This way you will be able to get some purely organic traffic.
It boosts social engagement, widens reach and makes you instantly popular. Google rankings get a huge jump with such organic traffic. You can create CTAs asking subscribers to forward the email as well. Use the CTAs diligently and convincingly.
6.     Personalized Content
No one bothers to read an email that is marked to a huge number of persons. So, you need to go for personalization. Emails can easily be customized and can be targeted for personalized delivery.
This increases the chances of opening and helps in improving customer relationships as well.
7.     Ask for reviews
Ask your subscribers for reviews. This helps in pushing your SEO efforts. Local business gets a huge boost with the reviews. You can re-design your content strategy based on the reviews.
You can also ask your subscribers to write compelling reviews or recommendations for you. This adds up in your overall brand value and helps to win the trust of other customers as well. Around 86% of the customers read local reviews before making any decision.
These reviews are helpful in the long run and improve your search engine rankings.

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Final Thoughts

Email marketing is not a ranking criterion but plays an important role in driving highly relevant traffic to your website. The traffic through email significantly reduces the bounce rate and helps you rank higher in SERPs.

Give a tremendous boost to your SEO efforts with the help of email marketing. Stay tuned with theblogginghacks to know more about leveraging on-page and off-page SEO techniques. If you have any other queries related to digital marketing, just drop an email at