How to Create a Brick and Mortar Website Online with Shopify

Almost all eCommerce businesses are shifting online to maximize their reach to the audience. Opening and maintaining a physical store is a tedious task and only reaches the local audience. 

However, selling online and generating revenue is even more complicated. But some apps make your work easier. 

Shopify tops the list to handle inventory or delivery across different cities for brick-and-mortar businesses. 

Continue reading the article to learn how to create a brick-and-mortar Shopify website and how to use the Shopify website for maximum benefits.

Step-By-Step Guide for creating Shopify Online Store

Does not matter if you want to create a Shopify brick-and-mortar website or an eCommerce website, the following guide will help you. 

Start with a Shopify Trial 

Before launching your website, there are many steps like designing and development. But the foremost step is to get a trial plan for the Shopify website. 

You will select an available domain name suitable to your business and add your card details. You will not be charged for the first 14 days of the trial period. 

You can choose any Shopify website plan, but it is better to start with the basic one, especially if you are an individual.

Designing the Website 

Start with a blank canvas or choose a website theme from the Shopify theme store. You have the option of both free and paid Shopify themes for online websites. 

Select the Shopify theme that best shows the connection between your brick-and-mortar website and the design template. 

Shopify also has the provision to change the website theme later. 

Set Up the Internal Pages 

Creating an online store is a time taking process but start with all the basic pages that are essential for a customer to make a purchase. You can add all the other pages even after launching the website. 

The basic pages of a brick-and-mortar website include: 

  • Homepage 

It is obvious, isn’t it? Your customers will land on your homepage to know more about your brand and get an overview of your products. 

Crisp but detailed information about you, your brand, and your ideology will connect you to your target audience. 

Adding a professional corporate video about your business might be the game changer in bringing organic traffic. 

  • Terms and Conditions and Return Policy

A written return policy will create clear guidelines for the return or exchange of a product. The terms and conditions inform the new customers about what information they will be sharing with the website and what are the customers liable for. 

Written information reduces the stress on the support team from the daily queries about return and shipping policy. 

  • Contact Us 

The main motto of building a website is to have a trusted and strong customer base. 

Having a contact us form or a chatbot system makes them feel heard. Reduce the bounce rate of your website with contact details on the website. 

  • Of Course the Product Pages

No buyer is willing to purchase products with incomplete information. Create product description content targeting the right keywords and professional photography and videography

Add the Products 

Adding bulk products on the website is a tedious task and might take a lot longer. And understanding the need to quickly launch the website, you have the new Shopify free data migration update. 

You can either bulk upload the products from the inventory or have the option to click product pictures and upload them from the Shopify mobile app

However, adding the products increases the website volume and decreases the speed. It is crucial to optimize the website speed to provide a seamless customer experience. 

You can even add/remove products from the website after the launch. 

Setting up the Shipping Process 

You do not want to leave your customers hanging after engaging them with high-quality products. 

According to Baymard Institute, cart abandonment rates in 2022 have risen to 69.99%. The main reason? Too high costs on shipping and taxes. 

About 48% of people leave the items in the cart and never return to that website. 

Shopify shipping saves you from the hectic task of tracking every single order. They have DHL and Canada post facilities that take the package safely to the customer’s doorstep. 

The best part? Shopify does not charge you extra for collaborating with their delivery partners.

As for the local customers, you can provide the option of local delivery at the checkout. That way, you won’t have to put your foot down for the shipping cost, and the customer would be happy not to have to pay the delivery charges. 

You would not have to hire a delivery team, thus saving the cost of delivering and picking up the package. 

Do you wish to sell products internationally? 

Shopify international shipping feature got your back! 

Final Stop- To the Payment Gateway 

Easy and quick payment methods are what the customers are looking for. Shopify websites let customers save their card details for the next purchase. 

Besides, it also has the facility of adding third-party payment providers. Be it PayPal or RazorPay, you have the freedom to add any payment method. 

Key Point- Do not forget to provide net banking and cash on delivery options. A colossal 65% of people prefer to pay through COD, especially first-time customers. 

Shopify Plans and Pricing 

You can buy any of the following Shopify website plans. 

The basic plan only has 2 staff accounts, whereas the Shopify plan and the advanced plan have the capacity of 5 and 15 staff accounts respectively. 

Moreover, you get a minimum transaction fee in the advanced Shopify plan i.e. 0.5%. 

If you are starting at a small scale, then Shopify’s basic website plan would be the best option for you. You can shift later to other plans without any restrictions. 

Source: Shopify website plans and pricing

Ready to Build your Shopify Brick and Mortar Website? 

More than 1.75 million businesses are developed on Shopify, and according to Shopify, about 80% of them are successful. 

It is time to stop contemplating and take action to stand against niche competitors. 

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