How to do Social Media Marketing for New Business or Website?

Social Media Marketing requires proper planning, strategy and creativity. A right SMM strategy grows your visibility, multi-folds the traffic and establishes you into a brand. If you are a beginner, keep reading to know how to do social media marketing for your business or website in a very easy way.

According to Forbes, 97% of marketers are already using SMM techniques to sell their brands. Around 54% of social users use social channels to research a product. There are around 3.8 billion social users in 2020 which makes the social platforms one of the best platforms in terms of audience.

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What is social media marketing definition?

Social Media Marketing is using social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to connect with the audience to promote your business services/products.

What are Social Media Marketing benefits?

SMM helps to multi-fold the traffic, push sales and give a strong brand presence both locally and globally.

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You don’t have to opt for a separate Social media marketing course. Just follow these easy DIY steps for social media marketing tips for your new business.

1.      Creating Brand Recognition

The works begin as soon as you create a page on the relevant social media platform. Gaining visibility and recognition are the two primary goals of every SMM strategy. Social Media marketing has an edge over traditional marketing as you can be heard and seen by thousands of people in one go.

You need to make sure that all the visuals in your social media account are catchy, attractive and not messy or clumsy. Have a look at this social media handle of Pashmoda.

Creating Brand Recognition

They have a unique logo (profile picture) and the cover picture shows that they deal in beautiful shawls. Everything depicted very clearly without using a single word.

Check the art of logo designing here –

pashmoda logo design

2.      Triggering Conversations around the Brand

Now, it’s time to start a strong and result-driven social media marketing plan to trigger a conversation about your products, services and brand.

How can you start your social media campaign?

  • Draft a good content Strategy.
  • Create posts, videos, infographics, etc. that engage people.
  • Give a reply when people comment on your post. Make them feel that there is a person behind the brand and not a bot.
  • Ask them questions and get them involved in a discussion.

For example: Take this post from Digital Kangaroos. It’s a simple post explaining the factors of success and failure of a business. The more the people give feedback (like/share or comment), the better the foundation of a loyal audience gets laid. Engage your users to gain more followers and build a good audience base.

How can you start your social media campaign?

3.      Practice the Art of Social Listening

What is Social Listening?

According to Trackmaven, Social listening means the art of monitoring the digital conversations of the users of your niche. It’s about understanding their needs, problems and their opinion. This helps you draft a perfect content strategy addressing those pain points.

Social Listening is one of the main components of SMM as it helps to mingle with the audience and help them understand how your product is different from others (competitors). Include Social listening as a part of your daily routine.

The sole purpose is to connect with them. Take a look at this Twitter Handle of Burger King India. They use a language that helps them to connect with the younger generation. Social Listening helps you know the style and tone of your audience.

Burger King India

4.      Analytics

It’s a very-very important tool offered by every social media platform that helps you analyze how your page is performing on that channel. You can redesign or understand any loop-holes in your strategy by quickly going through the insights.

For twitter users, the analytics are available at the end of every tweet. If you are on Facebook, you just need to go to the insights option. The link is only visible if you are the admin of the page.


5.      Be Heard

Being a beginner, it becomes challenging to build a great and loyal audience. So, if you are not heard, SMM turns ineffective. To make the most of SMM, make contests, giveaways, maximum sharing/tagging, free stuff, etc. a part of your strategy. These are the things a new business is generally not interested in but they are indeed the most effective way to attract and engage users.

Have a look at one such giveaway organized by the Orthoderma Clinic:

Orthoderma Clinic

You never know, a little investment may reap heavy profits in the long run.

Another effective strategy can be to take help from digital influencers or do influencer marketing. A single post share by these social celebrities would bring huge traffic to your page. Try and find out some good influencers in your niche.

Next, use proper hashtags to promote your content. A hashtag is a powerful tool as it helps to connect with like-minded people in the ocean of users on social media.

Follow this easy-breezy Social Media Marketing tutorial for beginners and get your voice heard.

How are you executing your Social Media Strategy? Need any help in drafting an impressive content strategy for your new business?

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