How to Increase E-commerce Website Sales During Holiday Season?

Like every year, this holiday season is ready to increase e-commerce sales.

People are way too excited, and the kids are on high sugar levels, and amidst this, the marketers get a perfect opportunity to boost sales.

Sending gifts to family and friends becomes frequent, and customers will surf the internet to find the perfect yet cost-effective gift.

Every e-commerce business is looking for some magical strategies to increase website sales and get into the top-ranking websites.

Every piece of information is readily available, and the users try to find a cheaper source for the same products. Some websites might offer huge discounts during the festive season, while some have an altogether different festivity-sales strategy.

Whether a startup e-commerce business or an established one, this blog will help you with tips to increase festive season sales.

Get More Active on Social Media Channels

During the festive season, people get highly active on social media. Whether it be sharing home decoration pictures or wishing friends and family, it happens on social media channels. Every user likes to be appreciated for their constant support.  You can show your gratitude by providing exclusive discounts to your social media followers or organizing a giveaway.

You can spread the word via emails, and this in turn would help with email marketing.

Every business has a different target audience. And this audience might be more active on either Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

The amount of sales on different social media channels depends on the type of business.

If it targets the millennials then Instagram would be a perfect choice, and Facebook would be the right choice for the people of the golden era.

Pro Tip- Do not forget to add relevant festive hashtags for social media platforms.

Engage the audience with beneficial deals around the festive season, and you would get happy and satisfied customers at the end of the day.

Organize Holiday Contests

After a hectic work schedule, holidays bring the spirit of happiness to people. You can use this holiday spirit to engage customers with some events and simultaneously promote your products.

For instance- a clothing e-commerce website can hold a contest for the best traditionally dressed and provide an extra discount on apparel.

Expert Tip- Provide free product samples to the customers on a minimum purchase. It is the best way to show that your customers matter to you.

It is always better to interact with users to increase brand publicity and give the feeling of affinity.

The holiday season brings in the traffic so, all you have to do is engage the audience. Just before the festive season, you can start promoting upcoming sales and events.

You can further post stories on social media channels with instructions for entry submissions.

Consider Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing might seem like a big deal and a huge investment- especially for startup e-commerce businesses.

But you can derive a similar outcome from micro-influencer marketing.

Some social media influencers might not be among the big fishes, but they also have a dedicated customer base.

You can start by promoting your products through these micro-influencers. It is better for small enterprises looking for little investments.
The micro-influencers have fewer fees.

Moreover, famous influencers have too many products to promote in a similar niche. This increases the competition among marketers.

This festive season micro-influencer marketing must be in your holiday marketing strategy.

Reduce the Extra Costs from the Cart

Just like you wish to make profits with your sales, the customers also want to make sure where all the money is going.

Be transparent with your customers about the extra costs during the checkout. Mention everything like the delivery charges and the taxes.

Try to provide free shipping, especially for lightweight items. Charging the shipping costs slashes the sales by up to 40%.

Also, during the festive season, customers are in a hurry to make a purchase, and they should not be forced to create an account on the website.

It would take time, and the user would leave the website without making the purchase. It is better to provide a guest checkout to enhance the user experience.

Design the website to automatically add some gift items to the cart during checkout. You can also give certain options on the gift items to get them in happy spirits.

To avoid any loss add the gift items according to the checkout bill.

Provide Top-Notch Customer Services

Providing top-notch customer service is the best tip to boost sales during the festive season. It is the best time to make the target audience your devoted customers.

The festive season creates a rush on e-commerce websites. It becomes difficult to answer all the customer queries, especially for startup businesses.

Further, make sure that the customers receive orders on time with proper packaging. The customer would not wait for a long time for the package.

A happy customer results in better sales.

Tend to the customers’ issues and queries as soon as possible. Delayed issue resolution would break their trust in the website and the brand.

Follow these simple tips to enhance the customer experience during the festive season.

Customer Personalized Suggestions 

Looking through thousands of options is time-consuming. Customer segmentation helps to provide suggestions to the customers according to their age, gender, and their location. 

You can add a survey on the website page and collect data for segmentation. Further, segment this data according to different criteria.

However, do not force the customers to fill out the survey form. Give them the choice to make the decision.

You can even create email marketing campaigns according to the segmented data.

This tip to increase sales in the festive season will build strong revenue for your website.

Key Takeaways

Holidays are the best time to boost sales with the best digital marketing strategies.

With everything in rush, the customers tend to buy some irrelevant stuff, making it a perfect time to increase the revenue.

The festive season is the best time for startup e-commerce businesses to promote their website and reach millions of target audiences.

Go ahead and incorporate these festive season tips to increase e-commerce website sales.