How to Increase Followers Organically on Instagram in 2023?

There is no doubt that almost every business-no matter what niche-uses Instagram to reach millions of audiences. To strive, it is crucial to building an online presence on social media platforms. 

It is difficult to achieve organic traffic on Instagram. You might be active on social media and posting regularly still your post reaches only 1% of Instagram users. 

And there is no other option left than paid advertisements. So what is the solution to generate organic traffic on social media platforms?

You need the right digital marketing strategy and social media plan to target the right potential customers. 

The tips and tricks might not seem like a big deal, but puts a great impact on how people perceive your brand. 

What Should Be the Instagram Handle?

Your Instagram handle is the first thing people find you with. If the social media handle depicts your niche well, there is a high chance that the audience will visit your social media page. 

Your Instagram handles further depicts your likes and beliefs that the niche audience relates with. 

Targeting a niche audience is always better than a generic audience. 

A broader niche brand might seem like a great idea to increase the customer base. However, that is a myth. 

Instagram increases page visibility if the posts and reels are around a similar topic. Moreover, it depicts brand expertise in a particular niche. 

What Colours Should You Choose? 

In a world full of chaos, people gravitate more towards minimalist and visually appealing aesthetics. 

Every color has significance, and it can trigger certain human emotions. 

Your regular visitors will remember you by the brand color palette. For instance, the McDonald’s brand revolves around red and yellow color schemes. 

Maintaining a color scheme would also beautify your Instagram feed. 

But, understandably, your followers would get bored of viewing the same color. To avoid that, you can swiftly switch between colors (but not a color palette) or use alternate color blocks. 

Alternating between white and black pictures maintains an aesthetic photographer’s Instagram feed. 

Should you Post Viral or Unique Content?

Although posting unique content highlights your USP over similar niche brands, curating viral content enhances profile visibility. 

You can find the most relevant content from niche competitors and share them on your social media profile. You can either repost the post or publish the post and give credits to the post owner. 

Moreover, share the post on your Instagram stories and tag them. That would highlight your post, and the owner might see and reshare your story, enhancing your page visibility. 

But it depends on when and how much you are curating the content. Sharing 2-3 posts per day, at the right time will deviate the attention of the competitors towards your brand. 

Are Hashtags Important? 

Incorporating popular hashtags can take your Instagram posts to a popular Instagram hashtag gallery. Each hashtag has its gallery, and the viewer could look at any picture with similar hashtags. 

But which picture tops the Instagram gallery depends on the content and the likes on the post. Moreover, you should use relevant hashtags but not generic ones. That would reduce the post visibility. 

A higher number of relevant hashtags will bring more likes and shares to your post. Thus, enhancing customer engagement. 

Using hashtags with less than 100k posts leads to better visibility. 

Pro Tip- Avoid using any lengthy hashtags. 

Avoiding or Accepting Fake Instagram Followers?

Having a high amount of followers on Instagram might seem like an ideal option, but would you prefer a genuine audience or fake numbers? 

If you have genuine followers on Instagram who tend to take interest in your brand, the others will be motivated to try your products/services as well. 

Some of the new audience also like to read the conversations in the comment section. It helps them to better understand your product and its credibility. 

Further, according to new Instagram updates, it doesn’t respond well to fake followers. There is a high possibility that your account gets suspended to mislead the audience. 

How to Choose the Right Influencers?

Influencer marketing is the trending online marketing strategy. Does not matter if you have an established business or a start-up one, you can benefit from it. 

If you have a start-up business, micro-influencing is the best option. You can even hire a digital marketing agency to get in contact with budding influencers. 

However, an important tip is to choose the influencers from your niche industry. It will give you the maximum benefits. 

Influencer marketing will give the new audience an insight into your brand and the quality of the products. It is the best way to gain brand credibility in a short time. 

Major Takeaways 

When posting on Instagram, think of making your customers happy instead of generating high revenue. Focussing on customer satisfaction will automatically lead to high-profile traffic. 

You might have heard the aforementioned tips earlier, but when initiating a business Instagram profile, they are the most important. 

With regular Instagram updates and a growing audience, it becomes necessary to boost your online presence with Instagram profiles. 

It would be best to plan out the social media strategy to gain maximum benefits, especially for a start-up enterprise.