How to Make Money from Your Own Blog?

Every time I conduct a Blogging Workshop, the participants have one common question  “How can we make money from a Blog?”

There are a number of ways to make money from a blog. While numerous posts have already been written on this topic, hardly a few bloggers talk about their personal experiences.

Scroll down to know different methods that can help you make money from your own blog based on my personal experiences.

The foremost thing to learn is that in order make money from your Blog, you need to create useful and meaningful content for your readers.

Blogging is, definitely, not getting rich quick!

It is doing things in a right manner and demonstrating a lot of patience and determination to make it big in Blogosphere.

Different Ways to Make Money from Your Own Blog

Blog Monetization with CPC/ CPM Ads

One of the most popular methods of making money Blogging is by placing ads on your Blog.

The ads may be of different types:

CPC: Cost per click ads. They are also known as PPC Ads that is pay per click ads. Each time a reader visiting your blog clicks on the ad, you get paid.

CPM:  Also known as “cost per 1,000 impressions,” such ads pay you a fixed amount of money depending on the views you get on the ads.

Google AdSense is one of the most popular networks offering such ads. By placing a banner on your blog, Google automatically chooses ads that are relevant to your Blog’s content.

In case AdSense doesn’t verify your account or if you feel it is not working for you, there are more options too. They include Infolinks, Adversal, and more.

For my own blog, I am using Google Adsense.

By Selling Private Ads

The advertising networks are not the only option of making money when we talk about selling ads.

The moment your Blog starts generating a lot of traffic, you will find advertisers approaching you directly for placing their ads on your site/ blog. Or, you may even start approaching potential advertisers on your own.

This method is more flexible and even allows you to set your own rates. You may charge a one-time fee or monthly charges depending on what suits your business more.

To model, my blog displays the advertisement for a study abroad blog “My Study Destination” for which I get paid a monthly fee.

By Writing Promotional Content

This option has, without any doubts, worked best for me so far in my Blogging journey.  I run a “Success Stories” section on my blog that focuses on motivational and promotional content based on the stories of individuals/ companies from around the world.

Many individuals/ organizations approach me for getting their story featured on my Blog as it drives a lot of traffic. The idea of getting a story published for them is to generate more business by gaining wider recognition.

Therefore, you may also focus on writing promotional content for organizations/ individuals depending on the niche of your Blog. For this, your blog must, however, drive a lot of traffic. Remember, your business in this segment thrives on your ability to write highly engaging content.

Affiliate Marketing

You must have heard the term “Affiliate Marketing” but is it that you still wonder how it works?

In this, you are given a unique link to an item/ product an advertiser wants to sell. This link is meant for tracking your affiliate code. Every time a visitor to your Blog makes a purchase by following an affiliate link that you publish on your site/ blog, you get a commission depending on the agreement made before.

While there are many reputed ad networks available online, you may even set private partnerships with businesses.

Having run an affiliate program with Bluehost, I managed to make decent money out of this partnership.

However, I am not using the option of affiliate marketing from some time in the past due to time constraints and other important projects in my hand.

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By Selling Your Own Products

It is even possible to make money from your Blog by selling your own digital products like courses, workshops, eBooks, apps, plugins and more.

For this to work effectively, the creation of a digital product that you are going to sell has to be done very carefully keeping into consideration the demands of your readers.

I am yet to venture into the market of selling products online, but I do conduct one-to-one and group workshops on “Blogging and Work-from-Home options”. Such workshops are always a great source of generating additional cash.