How to Make Money Online with Google Ads in 2023

Digital marketing involves many online marketing strategies. These strategies and trends change with Google analytics. 

Every B2B and B2C business adapts various digital marketing strategies to be on top of Google rankings. However, these marketing strategies might not always generate the ROI one expects. 

Large and small businesses opt for many digital advertising tactics. Google Ads is the most famous choice. 

But what are Google ads? How many different types of Google ads can you run?

he appropriates the audience and generates more potential customers than other online advertising. 

Google is the most preferred search engine. About 90% of internet users have Google as their default search engine, which accounts for approximately four billion users. 

Google ads allow improving the ads with Google insights. Moreover, there is no particular time that one has to run Google ads for. 

If for any reason, the ad is not able to generate customers, it is possible to withdraw it immediately. 

Different Types of Google Ads:

Depending on the budget, Google offers different types of advertisements. Google has several similar niche businesses placing an advertisement. 

Hence, it becomes difficult to catch the eye of the potential customer amidst the other brands. 

Some of the Google advertisements are:

  • Google Search Ads

Google displays the ads related to the search at the top of the result page. This is an organic advertisement

An important tip is to target the relevant keywords for the advertisement. This would attract the potential customer to the product. 

  • Google Display Ads

Customers perceive images better than words. Google display ads target customers who are not even looking for that product. 

If the image looks appealing, it will intrigue the customer to check out the product. Thus, generating more leads. 

The best part about Google display ads is that it lets the person set the ‘when’ and ‘where’ of the ads. 

The display ads can be in the form of videos or images. Nowadays, gif ads are also a popular choice. 

Just like responsive web design, responsive display ads ease the work. They are automatically adjusted according to size, appearance, and format. 

  • Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads display all the details a customer needs to know for buying the product.

It puts forth an image of the product with its price, brand name, and customer reviews.

Google shopping ads are best for e-commerce businesses. These ads have the potential to generate huge revenues. 

For shopping ads, one must use high-quality images with appropriate keywords in the product description. 

It is further essential to ensure that the product description is 100% accurate. The product image and the information should match. 

Tips and Tricks to Generate Revenue From Google Ads 

Google’s PPC marketing goes a long way to generate revenues online. Some simple tips can help increase the revenue generated from Google ads. 

  • Linking to Relevant Landing Pages 

While linking the landing pages to the advertisement, it is important that the information on the landing page and the advertisement match. 

If not, it leads to confusion for the consumers. The best option to avoid any mistakes is to use long-tail keywords. Using keywords help to link the internal pages. 

Focussing on one main keyword repeatedly but appropriately in the content will bring the website to the top of the Google search engine. It will also give a clear message to the audience. 

  • Placing Higher Bids 

As said earlier, the Google search engine has many similar niche businesses paying Google for pay-per-click advertisements. 

However, which pay-per-click advertisement will remain on top of the search engine? 

The Ad rank is decided by the amount bid on the Google advertisements. 

Companies pay a certain amount to Google for displaying the ad. The frequency of displaying the ad depends on the amount the company has paid. 

Placing higher bids on Google ads alters revenue generation completely. But the best part is that the company has to pay only when someone clicks on the advertisement. Hence, no money goes to waste on Google ads. 

  • Location Targeting 

The Google ad should be relevant to the location the customer is in. If the promotional endorsement is for a service in India, but the maximum potential customers reside in the U.S., the advertisement is irrelevant. 

It is better to post the Google advertisement after checking the website traffic insights. 

The business would generate higher revenues if the advertisement targets the customer audience. 

  • Maintaining Strong Organic SEO

While displaying ads, SEO is often ignored. SEO helps with increasing the ranking on Google Search Engine and compels Google to see the relation between the content and advertisements. 

Appropriate keyword stuffing helps to optimize the content. Keyword stuffing helps companies to be in the top ads according to Google’s algorithms. 

Google ads further help to find the appropriate keywords for the advertisement. 

  • Increase the Number of Webpages 

A higher number of web pages means a higher amount of keyword stuffing. It also means more information to the consumer. 

A website with a higher number of web pages will have more visitors. A person surfing through the website, and visiting more web pages, is likely to generate more money than any other user. 

The person will become familiar with the website and trust the brand. They will be quick to click on any advertisement from the brand in the future. 

Key Takeaways 

Incorporating the mentioned tips will give a kick start to the Google Ads revenue. 

The increasing competition and the prevailing trusted websites make it predominant to use these tactics for making money online with Google ads in 2023. 

Being creative and giving relevant information allures the customers to the advertisement and thus the website. 

If you do not have enough time on your hands, you can hire a digital marketing agency to do the job.