How to Make your Digital Marketing Campaigns Stand Out this Diwali?

The grand festival season for India has started gaining momentum in the online market and will continue to stride post-Diwali as well. Diwali is no longer just a traditional festival in India now but has grown into the most distinguished online shopping festival as well.

All the biggie brands Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Paytm etc are leaving no stone unturned to grab the audience’s attention by offering them never-before discounts and cashbacks.

The digital marketers have to fight tooth and nail to stand amidst this biggest shopping festival.

Thinking of doing everything yourself this festive season would be a buzz killer. You need to think like a pro, concoct like an expert and act like a connoisseur to cast a striking online presence. Digital marketers know how to surpass this ultra-competition when others are planning to rub their hands in glee.

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The webpreneurs today are ready to pay any amount to launch a remarkable and perpetual digital marketing campaign. Everyone knows the sales captured during the festive season are sufficient alone to impact the annual ROI.

The Blogging Hacks brings some utilitarian tips which will help you in attaining maximum conversions and boosting ROI, this Diwali season.

1.     Search for your Influencer

To fight the competition, look out for an Influencer. Paid Ads alone don’t work anymore. In fact, you need a magic spell to impress Generation Z. Going for influencer marketing is the best option as all the skeptical issues related to digital promotions are eliminated.

Your chosen influencer will share your stories, pictures and posts on his social wall. Your campaign will reach out to millions of your influencer’s followers in minimal time, thereby boosting your traffic, sales and ROI.

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2.     Start Contests as a Touting Strategy

Just pick any brand or online giant, they are holding a digital contest or competition to keep the audience hooked and engaged. Most common contests are a selfie taken with the product, sharing the experience, questionnaire, spin-wheel, tagging your friends, maximum likes/ views, etc.

The winners are awarded some discount coupons or gift hampers. The budget for this is easily taken out by reorganizing the expenses and prioritizing a few things. The investment is small but the impact is huge. These contests promulgate quickly and drive a lot of traffic and add popularity to the product/service.

Get back into the game by hijacking customer’s attention with your creative contest idea!

3.     Scalable and Responsive Website

If you are devising a digital marketing strategy, the traffic will rise for sure. Make sure that your website is capable of handling traffic surges. Your website should be mobile compatible as everyone loves to go solo.

To avoid a limited impact, connect with a good web developer immediately to ensure seamless navigation on every platform such as mobile, desktop, remote access.

Apart from re-checking the website architecture, the website should load very fast. A slight delay can cost you heavily in terms of traffic and sales.

4.     Know Your Competition

If you are preparing for a tough fight, don’t belittle your competitors. They are also geared up in developing the finest of strategy to out past the competition. Take the help of analytics from your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. This will help you to step above the hungry crocodiles and reach a safer destination. Your keyword, content, ads, campaigns etc should be engaging and traffic adhesive.

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5.     Don’t Ignore Seasonal Factors

You need to understand what your audience wants. For example, people are more interested in shopping during Diwali so drafting content related to online shopping, deals or product reviews will have a stronger audience attention span rather than other generic blogs.

Also, try to look out for trending keywords/ search terms along with search volumes related to your niche. Understand what your audience wants and the reasons which motivate them to make purchases. Based on these factors, tailor a strategy that will help you target your niche audience.

 The time is running! Less than two weeks are left to Diwali. You don’t have any room for failure at this point of time. Design your marketing strategy as per the above-mentioned tips or else, you might lose your stake in the online world.

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Wish you a happy and prosperous Diwali!