How to Never Stop Getting Blogging Ideas for your Career as a Blogger or Writer?

There are many things common between a blogger and a writer. Notably, they both fall short of ideas at different points of their career. At such points, when there are no ideas and there is a minimal substance to write, it leads to a lot of frustration. For them both, it is their ideas that majorly give them recognition for their work. It can, therefore, be depressing to the core. However, simply understanding that it is not a rare issue can help a great deal. Further, it is an important realization that a frequency of going blank reduces significantly as you advance in your writing career.

How to Continually Generate Blogging Ideas?

Even though awareness may help you maintain your calm, yet there are certain key strategies that you must implement to keep getting powerful and compelling Blogging ideas. After all, your career

Stop Thinking About Generating an Idea

A golden rule is that the more desperately you want an idea to come, lesser it will come. If you keep thinking about what to write, you will find yourself stuck and it will add to your frustration. The net result is “ZERO PRODUCTIVITY”. Instead, get yourself a coffee break; go to a movie or hang out with your friends. It will alarm you that a great idea strikes always when you are least thoughtful about it. To model, the Blogging ideas, mostly, strike me when I am tossing and turning in bed.

Read and Read a lot…

You must never stop reading books, blogs, and magazines related to your Blogging or Writing niche. Do whatever it takes to scan multiple topics of your interest. As you expose yourself to the knowledge in your niche areas, your mind automatically works towards generating the ideas that are worth taking note. Remember, reading is a process that must never stop. Not only because you want ideas for your work, but also to advance your knowledge and writing skills.

You can’t Miss this…

When you’re in a process of generating that one big idea, the small ideas that may seem unworthy pop up in your mind. Even if they seem of little or no significance, they are worth taking a note. Later, these ideas may be combined to create an influential blog post. This strategy has helped me create some marvelous posts as I use my drafts to consolidate different ideas into one post. Further, get into a habit of brushing up your notes or drafts at periodic intervals. This acts as a fodder for your idea generating machine.

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When your Deadline is Approaching Fast…

You may find the first strategy redundant if you work on tight deadlines. There is no time for mind rejuvenation. It is at this time that the other two strategies come to your rescue.

Lastly, I am reminded of the words by Diogenes Laertius:

“One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings.”

May you never fall short of Blogging ideas and continue your writing journey forever.

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