How to Sell on Google Shopping: 5 Best Practices

In the large world of E-commerce shopping, Google Shopping gives an amazing solution for all kinds of retail businesses. Searching for the product which you really want on different websites is time-consuming and hectic. Now thanks to Google shopping ads which give the comparative search of the products in a visually appealing way.
What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping platform is offered by Google, free of cost in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America. It allows users to search for a particular product or service, and it gives a comparative display of physical products that are available in its database of different vendors. Shopping results will display the closest match to the user’s search terms for example if I have google searched for the red color silk saree for the wedding, and have selected the Shopping tab, I will see a page like this:-

What is Google Shopping

As we know there are thousands of brands sold on simple e-commerce stores, but the average customer is not aware about it. During the coronavirus pandemic, the retail sector has faced many challenges over the year. Google shopping is an opportunity for struggling retail businesses to connect with consumers. Google shopping ads promote products and make it easier for potential clients to find what they want. Google shopping ads are made to target the users who are genuinely searching for a particular type of product the retailer sells and intend to purchase that item.

Firstly, we should know about Google Shopping actions. The Google Shopping Actions enables retailers to sell on Google Shopping through different ways like the mobile, desktop, and voice assistant. It offers purchasers a universal cart, regardless of the platform used.

For selling the products on Google shopping, we need to follow best practices, as we are using a very competitive platform. So the sellers must know how to sell their products effectively.

You must have Good Product Titles, Data, and Clear Pricing

When you use google shopping, it does product listing advertisements. It displays the title, image, and price while advertising the product. As a seller, the first thing you have to do is to make sure that the Name of the product and its brand is depicted correctly. The important information related to the product should be given. For example, if a user is searching for Samsung Phones, the following listing marked as green is giving better information than the product marked with a red outline. The user at the glance will be able to know its features clearly.

The best way to present product you’re selling is to make sure that the sequence is correct like the big brand name, product name followed by the product attribute.

Good Product

Attractive and high-quality images

The key to converting the visitor to a payable-customer is to have attractive and high-quality images on the display. The showcasing of the product should appeal to the customer. For e.g. As displayed below, when you are Google searching for a girl’s pink jacket, the images where model girls are wearing the product gives more impact than just displaying the jacket.

Attractive and high-quality images

Optimize your product descriptions

As we know customer convenience should be our first priority. You must make it easy and clear for the person to google search the brands you sell by using prevalent and trending keywords. The competition is becoming very high day-by-day so you should make the description unique and informative to stand out from the competitors in the market.

Pick the Best and relevant Products as per demand and time

Before listing a product for Google shopping, you must research the demand for the product. The product should be listed as per season and demand. If you are operating your business in a specific area then adding your business to the google site storefront will be beneficial.

Customers Reviews effect on sales

The star rating is one of the important factors for getting a good conversion. The well-reviewed and positive customers’ reviews help to drive more clicks, and boost sales.

Conclusion: – Google shopping significantly boosts the sale of online retail business organizations. You must follow the best practices in order to be visible on Google marketplace and get the best returns.

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