How to Set Self Improvement Goals ?

Personal Experiences: How to Set Self Improvement Goals?

Self-improvement is synonymous to self-education. For a person who has always believed learning must only stop with your death, I believe in continual learning. I believe in changing and I even believe in becoming better every day. 

I look back at the events of my life to realize how the desire for self-improvement has played a pivotal role in my growth as an individual and as a professional.

Tucked deep into my inner zone far away from the maddening voices, I often ask myself “How different my life would be if there was no desire to change?”

Also, quite often, a thought crosses my mind: 

“What would be the lives of individuals like who don’t make an effort for self-improvement or refuse to learn new things?” 

For a person like me, it is difficult to even bear the thought of becoming stagnant in life.

I have always believed in working hard, learning new things and becoming a better person every day.

As a teenager or even as an adolescent, I would get bored of doing an activity or task for a long time. I remember quitting too often.  Today, I possess knowledge from different fields of education but failed to master any except computer science. I could have definitely done a lot more in this field had I acknowledged my weakness of getting bored during my university years itself.

Ever since I have made this realization I strive hard to complete whatever I start. Either I don’t start or leave an activity unfinished. 

Having worked as a freelance content writer for more than 4 years, it still took me 6 months to decide if I should host my own blog. 

A self-hosted blog, obviously, meant a lot more commitment and dedication towards Blogging. But ever since the blogging hacks launched, there has been no looking back. Just the way I visualize my life, the blogging hacks is only about improvement and growth.

How many of you have ever felt the same desire to work towards improving your own self?

Is there a voice telling you that a learning must never stop?

The journey to self-improvement goals is not an easier one. The foremost thing is to accept that there is a scope for improvement in your life.

Setting Self Improvement Goals

Following this, you need to master the art of settings goals for self-improvement. Scroll down to know the steps that are involved in a given process:

Long-term v/s Short-term Goals 

You need to clearly define goals for yourself.

Is your a short-term or a long-term goal?

Many people insist on setting long-term goals and working towards completing milestones. My thoughts completely differ on this. For me, it is doing what suits you the best. I always set short-term goals for me as I find them to be more realistic and practical.

Realistic v/s Unrealistic Goals

Always set realistic goals in life. By accomplishing few goals in life, you’ll automatically get into the habit of achieving what you set your mind on.

It’s all in your mind. If your mind can perceive it, you can do it. 

Therefore, deciding to do something that is not possible practically is like weakening your mental strength and even lowering your morale.

Your Indomitable Will 

Finally, it’s your will and determination to accomplish a task that will help you reach your goals. Commit to yourself that you won’t stop unless you reach the finish line and that you’ll remain true for each and every goal of yours. You will form a permanent habit of quitting if you do it even once.

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