I Love Coffee

“A lot can happen over a cup of coffee”

I could never agree with a punch line more than this one. Being an ardent lover of coffee, the power of a simple cup of coffee never fails to amuse me.

I look back at the events in my life to realize savoring coffee has always had a profound effect on my life.

How conversations over coffee have helped me build some lifelong friendships and eternal bonds.

Eternal Bonds

My memories of drinking coffee, go back to the days when my sister would brew it for me with a special request. As I grew older, the ritual underwent a slight change. Visits to coffee houses now meant hanging out with friends and marked celebrations of almost everything from small to big.

The trend continues till date. There are birthday coffees with friends. Even, there are coffee dates with my daughter on special days.

My holidays are always incomplete without a visit to Starbucks or some fancy coffee place.

This reminds me of a Starbucks gift card. It has been the most special gift so far in my life.

Coffee at 4?

Let’s catch up for a coffee…

Costa today?

Such messages were a routine broadcast during my college years and years that followed.

A similar message flashed on my screen 7 years ago a day before I lost my best friend, my soul mate.

“See you at 11 tomorrow!”

She collapsed hours before our coffee meet was scheduled. And, that meeting never happened. After all these years, I still crave for that one coffee.

Her death had no effect on my visits to a coffee shop. Instead, every single visit makes me silently miss her and cherish the bond we shared.

As soon as I enter my favorite coffee houses, there is a flashback of various events. Amidst all the laughter and cheer, I reminiscence good old memories that have been built over a decade.

I get this peculiar smile behind which there is an ocean of memories. The moment I sip my coffee, I get immersed deep into the conversation. It’s time for a coffee tête-à-tête with my friends.


A process of making memories start all over again!

Honestly, you can’t help it especially when you meet a friend after 6 months, 2 years or even more.

Blame it on my destiny or friendship, distance has always separated me from the best of my friends.

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I love Coffee

I love coffee! I love its aroma! I love the feel of sipping it!

I can never outgrow my love for this beverage. Just that with the passing years, it has become an addiction.

You enjoy coffee only when taken in small amounts.

Who would know it better than me?

Yet, I go beyond the threshold limits too often.

Even after innumerable times, I still long for my alone coffee time.

Many of you would argue that it’s a nature of my work that makes my love for coffee so strong. I often ask myself is it just my flare for words?

It could even be the sense of togetherness I have always enjoyed while sipping café latte or iced cappuccino.

Is it the power of memories that have been created in all these years?


Are there dreams that remain unfulfilled?

A special toast to everlasting friendships and beautiful memories!

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