Is the Idea of Joining a Blogging Workshop Awesome or Simply Ridiculous?

As I plan to conduct a unique, one-of-its-kind and the very first Blogging workshop in North-India, I am trying to gaze the general reaction of stay-at-home mothers/ wives or even professional women towards the same. Yes! Bloggers aren’t only the writers but analysts too. I am also a coach and a protagonist. There are inhibitions coupled with a tremendous hope and amazing strength.

We have seen an unprecedented growth in the number and type of work-from-home opportunities that are being offered around the globe. There are work-from-home jobs available in almost every arena like Computer Science, Medicine, Data Analysis, E-tutoring, Blogging, Journalism, etc. There is no dearth of available opportunities these days. The only condition is your determination to make a living for yourself. Blogging is the latest fad amongst Indian people. This career niche has successfully established its roots in the western world.

When initially I took to Blogging in 2011, there was no guidance for me. Blogging has been a journey for me. Five years later, people in my vicinity still don’t understand what it is all about. And, those who understand the term are keen on launching themselves as Bloggers. However, there is no know-how. Never mind! It’s just about taking the first step.

There is no dearth of available opportunities these days. The only condition is your determination to make a living for yourself.

There were many queries on how to start blogging and it eventually led to the organization of this workshop. Now, if any one of you is contemplating whether to be a part of such workshops or not; here is a lowdown of different perspectives:

Reasons for Not Joining the Workshop:

  • If you feel that some magic will happen and you will become a blogger within a day. A gentle reminder: Anything that gets you fame or money requires a lot of labor. As they say, the Taj Mahal was not built in a day. Exactly the same way as I say Bloggers are made, not born.
  • If your purpose of joining the workshop is to improve your writing skills. The workshop, rather, focuses on how to start a blog or find paid writing gigs and is certainly not about improving your grammar. For the latter, a grammar class with an English tutor might be more rewarding.

Reasons for Joining the Workshop:

  • If writing is your passion and you want to reach out to an audience/ give voice to your work via online platforms.
  • If you understand what Blogging is but don’t know how to launch your own Blog.
  • You are not aware of the Blogging resources that are available online.
  • You want to make money working from the comfort of your couch and set your own working hours. You want a freedom of thought, flexible schedule and yet desire to lead a career-oriented life. In a nutshell, you are anxious to learn the money-making process through Blogging.

Finally, you don’t want to spend years learning the basics of Blogging. Instead, you are intelligent enough to focus your time on writing and less on mastering the powerful tools and resources of Blogging.

Final words: If whatever you’ve read so far resonates with you, it’s time to come forward and make the transformation happen. Because I believe, you can!

Image sources: construction2style, dheerajkumar