If You Work-from-Home, You Must Be Careful About These Things

Work-from-home is the official thing now. One of the many reasons behind this is the findings of the research that reveal work-from-home enhances the productivity of employees and thus, boosts their morale. Furthermore, the companies are looking at saving their office space and other resources by recruiting work-from-home employees.

The flip side, however, is long hours spent working from home can sap your productivity and affect your career terribly in the long run. But whatever the reality is, it falls on you to learn the art of working from home, according to the market needs, so that you can give your best shot.

As someone who has spent almost six years working from home, I firmly believe my productivity has grown over the years and I am still in love with my work. I have complete control over my working hours and the way I manage my personal life. I get an escape from obligatory morning showers and every day commutes. Above everything, I am available for my daughter round the clock. Even my weekends improve working-from-home.  It is because I spend time during the week checking off the menial items from my to-do list whenever I am taking a break from my work. Not to forget, I get to choose my dress-code and save some bucks!

I am convinced it’s a good deal.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have to work hard to make it look so fantastic. I’ve to strategize things and stick to my commitments. There are days when I’ve to burn the midnight oil to make it possible to get-togethers with friends.

Now if you work-from-home, it’s important that you watch out for things given below:

Change is Important

When you work-from-home, outings are important so that you remain a part of the social loop else few months down the lane you might just have a hard time looking into the eyes of people.

My whole work revolves around creativity and sharpness of mind. For me, change is important. Else, the monotony sets in and I find it difficult to concentrate. I’ve made it a routine to work ahead of deadlines so that it is not a problem for me to take a short break whenever I get bored of doing the work and need a change. Thanks to my nature of work, I can auto-schedule posts in advance. This has served me really well.

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Your Brain Needs Rest

Irrespective of the nature of your work, your brain needs optimal rest to function properly and remain sharp. You’re at an advantage when you work-from-home. How?

In offices, your brain hardly gets any rest because you’re scared of being seen doing nothing. Even if you take a small break, it gets wasted in chatting online or surfing the web. The casual conversations seem to have diminished in today’s office set-ups. The breaks of such type still keep your brain engaged in one or the other form and therefore, your brain hardly gets any rest. In the end, what you get is a wasted break.

This, however, doesn’t happen when you work-from-home. Because your breaks at home generally mean doing menial tasks like dinner preparations, grocery shopping, drive to the store or making your kid finish his/ her meal. These activities don’t engage your mind fully and your mind is allowed to wander to different places. This is actually the state where your brain is resting and re-energizing itself for a creative comeback.

What you need to understand is that it doesn’t help being present at a desk but what matters is higher productivity levels. Thus, you need to be smart in using your free time that you get working from home so that you can give your brain a proper rest.

Are you working from home? Write to us if you have some suggestions for those who are sailing in the same boat as yours.

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