Implementing the Idea of Becoming a Digital Nomad

We are living in the world of digital nomads. We all love traveling, our space and we long to live our dreams. Yet there are inhibitions when we think of giving up our present job and adopt the change. Everyone needs the change yet the change is so unacceptable.

Are you currently pursuing your dream job?

Is it a yes?

If it is, I’m not going to ask you to change.

Now, what if it’s a “NO”?

Are you simply dragging yourself to your workplace every day? There is nothing that excites you about your work. You’ve to do it because there are responsibilities and money factor attached to it. It’s alright! It’s understandable but is it that you’re really passionate about something.




Photography? Or,

Anything else?

If yes, I am going to ask you to change. I am going to ask you to follow your dreams with no fear.

Every success story you hear is a story of an individual who dared to dream and follow his dream. And, there can’t be a better time than now. We are living in a time which grants you freedom, digital jobs and promises you handsome money.

Do you wish to work on your laptop sitting by the beach in Spain?

It’s possible! Look for jobs that give you the telecommuting/ remote work options. All successful businesses are giving such options to their employees because it helps them achieve their goals the same way it does for employees.

As a child, was diary-keeping your favorite hobby? You can now change it into your full-time profession by becoming a blogger.

Are traveling and photography your passion? Become a travel photographer/ blogger.

Do you really think there will not be enough money in living the life a nomad?

It could be because almost everyone you know is doing the same or is planning to do.

It’s a myth. The worst that can happen is you might earn little less money than what you’re earning right now. But isn’t it amazing that you get to live your dreams with no stress? There are people who love doing small jobs to earn their livelihood just to travel to new places and explore the world.

Here’s the success mantra:

Don’t do it if there is not an enough passion and if your skills are below average level. And don’t stop if there is a lot of passion and if you possess basic skills. If you know how to do the things in a right manner and if there is a creativity along with the passion; nothing can stop you. It might take time but the results are definite.

Steps to Becoming a Successful Digital Nomad

Key Objective

  • What is your ultimate goal in life?
  • What gives you maximum happiness?
  • Are you really passionate about doing something?

You need a lot of introspection and answers to these questions before you can even think about becoming a digital nomad. You don’t become a digital nomad by simply setting-off and by carrying a laptop in your hand,. It involves a lot more! It requires planning, execution, and know-how. You might require months of preparation before you can embark yourself on a new journey.

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Portfolio/ Profiles

In order to successfully launch your career as a digital nomad, the first thing you need to do is build your online portfolio. The primary objective of building an online portfolio is to showcase your skills and experience in the chosen field. You may use the services of various online companies who offer you a platform for building your portfolio or you may build your own website. Building a WordPress website is not at all difficult and can easily be done on your own.

In case you’re looking at becoming a freelance blogger, photographer, content writer, journalist or thinking about getting into any other creative field; active social presence is going to be the main essence of your career. Update your profiles across all social media channels and maintain them on a consistent basis.

Pitching your Ideas

When you’re done with your initial homework, it’s time to launch yourself with a bang. Find your potential employers and clients and pitch them your ideas. Meanwhile, continue scanning multitude of job boards. The real challenge lies in finding your first gig. It takes maximum time in finding the starting 1-2 gigs and then there is a smooth transition into your new life ahead.


The way you market yourself online plays a significant role in your freelancing career. The only rule that works in the digital world is throwing your content (photographs, blogs, and articles) at maximum places. You never know when a query from somewhere turns into a dream project. Don’t leave a stone unturned in marketing your services and work.

Do you need any guidance in launching your career of a digital nomad? Write to us and we promise to help you!