Work-from-Home: Things to Do While In Between Jobs

If you work-from-home, there are chances a time will come when you’ll be in between jobs irrespective of your field of work. By working as a freelancer, you enjoy a lot of flexibility but downtime can be really annoying and troubling in a number of ways like it can add to your financial worries and more. But consider this…

What if you utilize this time to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses? And, spend it productively working on your weaknesses. You might not realize this now but it will help you come closer to your long-term goals.

Things to Do While In Between Jobs

Consider doing following things to make the productive use of your time:

Expand Your Skill Set

You would agree that by possessing skills that are in huge demand, it is possible for you to shoot your hourly rates and monthly earnings.

There are abundant options available for pursuing paid as well as non-paid courses. You just need to look-out for the course that aligns best with your future goals.

For example:

If you’re a blogger, it can help you to learn Search Engine Optimization in more ways than you can imagine.

Similarly, you can acquire the skills of a social media marketer to enhance your earnings.

It is best to pursue something that interests you and is in demand at the same time.

Update Your Portfolios or Websites

Has it been a while since you last updated your portfolio or a list of services that are being offered by you?

Utilize this time in making the desired changes and ensuring everything related to your work is up to date. You might lose your potential clients if the information pertaining to your work, services offered by you and your rates is not up to date.

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Passive Income Generation

If you’re a freelancer, you would know the significance of generating income from multiple sources. Because the number of projects in hand can vary considerably at one time, it makes sense to invest in projects that can help you generate passive income. You might want to invest in real estate or blogging. There are several other projects that don’t require much time or effort on daily basis but can generate a lot of revenue in the long run.

You might not realize this now but passive income is really important if you want to thrive on freelancing and love doing your work.

Contact Previous Clients

Have you been in touch with your prior clients lately?

There is a lot of significance attached to staying in touch with your previous clients. A quick ‘hello’ message or an email asking for any latest work opening will keep you in front of their list should some work comes up. It always pays you to keep your relationship warm and friendly with your old clients.

Network with New People

The success of your freelancing career has a lot to do with your connections and the way you network. Networking is, indeed, an important part of your career goals.

You can use the power of LinkedIn or several social media platforms to showcase your skills and make new connections. Consider spending time on these platforms and answering the queries of people that are related to your work.

Work towards Automation

Spend time studying different tools and resources that are available online but are not being used by you. Study their effectiveness and think about their integration into your work. Such tools can help you save a lot of time and enhance your productivity when you get back to your routine.

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Vacation Time

You might not realize it but it might just be a time for the vacation to reenergize you and come back with a bang. If you’ve been working really hard all this while, change might be something you need right now else you might become stagnant in your work and it might start lacking creativity and innovation.

Finally, this could even be your time to catch up with your family or friends. Besides work, they also form an integral part of your life.

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