How to Increase the Number of Subscribers to Your Blog?

More the subscribers to your blog, the merrier it is for your blogging business.

It is estimated that on an average 1 subscriber fetches you $10 Google Adsense revenue per month.

Even if there is a growth in traffic, it will not be greatly beneficial. Your primary objective, therefore, should be to gain maximum subscription for your weblog.

Before implementing any strategies, you need a plugin to be able to design subscription form and to carry out various marketing campaigns.

While there are different plugins available in the marketplace, I strongly recommend using MailChimp.

It offers much more advanced functionality as compared to other plugins and is easy to implement and utilize.

Before running out the installation of Mailchimp, I was using Blog Subscription (Jetpack)  widget on the Blogging Hacks. Notably, there has been a substantial increment in the subscription rate of my blog after using Mailchimp.

A. Using Mailchimp

It requires the installation and activation of Mailchimp for WordPress Plugin.

After you download the required plugin, go to dashboard. Choose Mailchimp option under the Mailchimp for WP.

blogging hacks

You have to now integrate this plugin with your Mailchimp account.

After you log in to your MailChimp account, click on your picture in the upper right corner and choose Account option.

Go to Extras-> API keys

Select create a key option. Fill the key that is generated back in your MailChimp for WP settings and save changes.

How to use MailChimp effectively to increase user subscription?

1.Use MailChimp Sign-up form from the widget section to display a sign-up form to users:


Click  Appearance-> Widgets from the WordPress Admin panel.

Choose Mailchimp Sign-up form. Pick out the sidebar option and click “Add widget” button.

blogging hacks

Select the Mailchimp Sign-up and give the title as shown below:

increase number of subscribers to your blog

The form you have created in MailChimp will be displayed in the widget.

After you click save button, a widget will be added to your blog and it now looks like:

Increase the Number of Subscribers

In order to make any changes, you need to click “MailChimp for WordPress form settings”. You will be directed to a screen that looks like:

Increase the Number of Subscribers

*The Blogging Hack*

Keep the layout simple and ensure there are minimum fields so as not to make the SignUp process time-consuming.

2. Subscriber Pop-Up

A pop-up that hovers over a screen after a user visits your Blog is an excellent method of increasing the subscription rate.

How to make a Subscriber Pop-Up work for your Blog?

Login to your MailChimp Account.

Select “Lists” tab  and then select “Create List” alternative


Fill the list details and enter save button.

Subscribers to your Blog

Following this, open lists, and corresponding to your list name, under the stats click Signup Forms

Blogging Hacks

Note: You may require the verification of e-mail id provided in case it was not done before.

Select Subscriber pop-up from the list

In a new window that appears, you can customize the settings for a pop-up and then click save and exit button in the upper right box.

Following this, a screen appears showing some code. This code needs to be copied and glued into the head section of your website/ Blog.

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B. Simple Techniques to Engage Audience for More Subscription

While you may conduct different marketing campaigns, the simplest method is to extract the email ids of your readers who often leave comments on your posts.  You may send them a short message asking them to subscribe to your blog.

Likewise, you can broadcast personal messages to masses on various platforms like Linkedin, Quora, Facebook, etc. thanking them for liking your posts.

For instance, I use the following template to transmit messages to frequent visitors to my Blog:

Hey there,

Thank you for liking my posts I share on this platform. Just wanted to tell you that I run a popular blog “The Blogging Hacks”. You might be interested in subscribing to my blog so that you don’t leave out any amazing stuff I write for my readers.


Sania Gupta


*The Blogging Hack*

There are many people who are interested in getting your content delivered to their inbox, but they just don’t know how to do. Very often, I get messages from my readers saying that they don’t know how to subscribe to my blog. Why not offer them help? Ask for their email ids and tell them you will have them subscribed. Simply answer it and watch the results.

Image source: xdabot.files.wordpress