Indian Blog Directories that are Completely Worth Getting your Blog Listed

Are you are a newbie in the Blogging industry? If yes, you will agree with me that it can be extremely painful to get targeted traffic to your Blog. SEO, Social Media Marketing, Guest Blogging, and what not needs to be done. Blogging is a lot more than just writing high-quality content. One thing that undeniably holds a lot of significance for a Blogger is the amount of exposure gained by his posts. A proven way of targeting traffic in large numbers is by getting your web blog listed in the most active Blogging communities or directories.

Directory Listings:

Various websites or weblogs offer directory listings that are of types as given below:

Regular: It’s a free listing for your Blog. All it requires is you to submit its title along with a link and a short description. And, it’s done. It’s quite an easy and effective solution for gaining an access to a number of readers.

Reciprocal links: Such blog directories require a link or a badge embedding in your Meta tags. It’s a win-win situation. Personally, I am not a big fan of directory listings that ask you to put a badge on your homepage. However, it’s not a bad bargain to get target readers to your website.

Paid: Such sites offer paid listings for your blog. Completely a personal choice but to me they don’t make much a sense. If there is a cash inflow already and you are targeting specific clients, you may go ahead with getting your Blog listed in such directories.

Benefits of Getting a Directory Listing Done are:

  • Getting exposed to new audience
  • Generating backlinks for your blog
  • Gaining serious readership for your posts

Some Useful Tips

Before you go ahead with the listing process, it’s wisdom to create notes for the following:

  • Blog Title
  • Link to your Blog
  • Short description of your Blog

Why? Because this will help you save your time and effort. As you can simply copy-paste the content in the required fields for getting the listing done. Else, it will be an annoying task to fill same fields each time.

List of Blog Directories

blog listing for bloggers

Moving ahead, here is a lowdown of my personal favorite and the most popular  Directories (Indian) of Bloggers that are completely worth your time and effort:


IndiBlogger is described as the biggest and most active community of Indian bloggers.


Minimum posts: 20

Inclusion of a reciprocal link in your Meta tag of Head section


Blogadda is the largest Indian Blog Directory that houses most popular Bloggers.


To confirm the website ownership, you have to add an image or badge on your homepage (Not a pleasant one!)

*Blogging Hack*

Adding code as per the given instructions and on receiving the confirmation (ownership) e-mail, checking if your weblog still remains listed can be amusing.

Indian Bloggers:

It is a directory listing of the top blog and popular YouTubers.


Minimum age of Blog: 6 months (Oops! A long one to wait for a newbie)

Minimum posts: 50

Notably, there are many more directory listings. As mentioned before, those listed here are the popular ones and my favorites. Furthermore, they promise you a serious bunch of readers. Finally, a Blogger always seeks more recognition with every other listing.