Latest Most Important Ways to Secure a WordPress Website

WordPress is a content management system. About 50% of the online websites run on WordPress.

However, WordPress is an open-source CMS. It means that anyone is allowed to pitch in themes and plugins.

Being open source makes WordPress vulnerable. So would you stop using WordPress? But what about the amazing features and themes WordPress has for free?

The simple answer is- to maintain your WordPress security.

Why do you need WordPress Security?

Technology has eased the work of enterprises but also has made them vulnerable.

Hacking and malware attacks are common on websites. Google blacklists about 10,000 websites daily.

E-commerce website owners need to be extra careful with their security. Since their websites contain sensitive payment information, they are like candy stores for hackers.

If the website is hacked, the owners lose all the important data and assets. Furthermore, putting their customers at risk and lose their trust.

  • Protects information

 Websites with security vulnerabilities are prone to public data leaks, identity theft, ransomware, and server crashing.

These vulnerabilities reduce the company’s growth and hinder its reputation. Further, it results in money and time wastage.

By the year 2025, the cybercrime damages cost would reach $ 10.5 trillion per year.

  • Customer’s satisfaction

The soaring of online business increases the user’s security expectations. They anticipate a smooth, efficient, easy, and quick mechanism.

The website should not crash for promising traffic numbers. Another crucial aspect is to keep the customer’s information safe.

The customers might not even notice that their sensitive information is in the wrong hands. However, if the news gets out, it would portray your company in a bad light to the other customers as well.

  • Google Rankings

A safe website is an easily searchable one. If the website often crashes or redirects, it won’t satisfy the reader’s queries.

The customer would not stay on the website for a long time. And this would result in a high bounce rate.

Google will eventually lower you in the rankings and this will affect the business negatively.

But you do not need to worry! You can boost your search rank with website security.

How to Secure WordPress Websites?

Now you know why WordPress security is important. Let us look at some ways you can secure your WordPress sites with little effort.

  • Secure Login

 Login security is a predominant factor to ensure security. A user will log in to the account time and again.

They might also save their login credentials on their web browser, serving as an open invitation to the attackers.

Then how would you ensure a secure website login?

  • Two-factor authentication

You might have heard of this term. Two-factor authentication is a sign-on method with another device.

As the first step, the user would enter the login password. The next prompt page will ask the user for the verification code sent to another trusted device.

Now the hacker may have access to the data in your current device but not the other one. So it gives an edge in login security.

  • Strong Passwords

To easily remember the password, the users set up a very easy one. Using a password like 123456 or your name can expose your account to security vulnerabilities.

Millions of users chose similar passwords, making the task of hacking easy for the attackers.

Further, avoid using real names or mobile numbers, either forwards or backward. There is a high probability of postulating these passwords.

  • Create Different Passwords

Users tend to have the same passwords for all the websites. For instance, if they have 30 different login passwords, they alternate between 5-6 passwords.

Remembering 30 different passwords is difficult. Therefore it is recommended to use mnemonics.

While resetting the password, the websites send code to your email, providing a golden opportunity to the attackers.

After receiving the code, set a new and strong password as soon as possible. Avoid using any default passwords.

  • Add Security Question/ Captcha

Adding security questions or a captcha provides an extra layer of security. It ensures that the user is not a bot and that no attacker is giving false commands.

The security question gives an edge as it is personal to the user and the user knows the right answer.

You can use WordPress plugins to add captchas to the website.

  • Install Security Plugins

 Plugins are the auditing and monitoring system. They not only provide new features but are a gateway to higher security.

The security-related plugins scan the website, alter source files, and reset and restore WordPress sites.

The WordPress security team constantly checks the platform for core vulnerabilities. Hence, updating the platform to eradicate the issues.

Therefore, it is important to regularly update the WordPress website.

Pro Tip- Always install the plugins from a trusted source.

  • Latest Versions of PHP

WordPress notifies the user when an update is available. The user can update the website through the hosting account.

50% of WordPress users are still stuck on the older version. Thus making their website prone to malware attacks.

You can opt for an automatic update of the website. However, this is not a beneficial option. The new updates might not be compatible with the old ones, causing a conflict.

  • SSL certificates

SSL (secure sockets layer) is beneficial in protecting online transactions. WordPress offers free SSL certificates to all the websites on the said platform.

You can always buy an SSL certificate if the hosting software does not provide it.

SSL certificates encrypt the connections between the website and the user’s browser. The traffic flow of the website is secured.

Summing Up

If your website is not secure, the users will not be keen to enter. Thus giving you very low traffic.

Instead of fixing each malware manually, install a system that ensures security even before the website goes live.

WordPress hosting is a free and open-source platform but does not compromise security. Therefore, is the top choice of enterprises.