Dismissing Sadness Will Make You Even More Sadder

Everyone out there seems to be talking about happiness and its significance. Because no one wants to be unhappy, everyone is seeking different ways to locate happiness. The result is massive growth in the self-help industry. Happiness is on many minds. Yet, this approach of seeking happiness and dismissing sadness fails miserably in delivering any significant results. Why?

The more you try to find happiness, the more you encounter sadness in different forms like breakups, failures, disappointing personal relationships, work-life imbalance, etc.

The problem basically lies in your approach. Your focus shouldn’t be on happiness. Instead, you need to focus more on finding the meaning in your lives. Basically, you need to work towards finding your passion in life.

I have already talked about the significance of finding passion in my earlier posts. It’s just that finding passion is closely related to finding yourself. Once you get to know yourself, you’ll start understanding that happiness is nothing but just a straight line of an emotion.

You would agree if there would be no sadness in the world, there would be no happiness either. You simply can’t experience happiness in its full form if you’ve not experience sadness in your life.

Remember that first break up?

It would have hurt you deeply and made you lose your faith in love until you found your love again. But it’s the sad times you went through after your break-up that made you emotionally stronger. Is it that you now value your relationships more than before?

Similar is the case with every other situation in your life.

By avoiding sadness, you tend to reduce happiness in your life. Because of your fear of sadness, you even avoid experiences that are the basic essence of your life.

More than happiness or sadness, it’s your experiences that count in the long run. What is it that you remember?

The experience of traveling alone to a far-off land and that moment when you attained higher heights in someone’s love or a number of tears you shed when you lost a match to your opponent?

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Learning to Embrace Sadness

It might help you to embrace sadness by altering your approach towards life. The foremost thing to know is that there is no form of true happiness or perfect happiness.

It’s all about making your brain feel happy. You can do it by celebrating small victories in your life. And you need to do it often. This will help you to overcome small obstacles that may come up your way with ease.

Life is a Journey

It’s not something new but it still helps to know every time that life is a journey. All ups and downs are a part of this journey.  You need to, therefore, start looking at the bigger picture. When you feel negative, it’s because you’re focusing only on the current level. You have simply forgotten about the peak. Remember, the best is yet to come.

You need to understand no one has a perfect life. Look around and you will see you’re much better off than others. There is, even more, misery and pain in the outside world.

Flash Back Your Memory

When there is a disappointment in life, it’s just a small dip in the long-run and it won’t even matter much in the long run.

To deal with it, monitor your emotions and you’ll realize there are days when you’re really happy and then there are some sad days as well. The frequency of sad days, however, is very less.

Whenever you encounter disappointment or a sad day in your life, it will help you to flash back your memory to happier times. This will keep you going through difficult times.

Track Your Emotions

By tracking your emotions on a daily basis, your self-awareness will increase and you will have a good baseline to work on your negative emotions. It will give you interesting insights on your reactions and behavior when you face different situations on daily basis. You will, therefore, get an opportunity to work on yourself.

Finally, it will help you to continue reading some motivation stuff to keep your spirits high all the time.

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