Life Lessons: Creating a Blueprint for your Life

There are some special moments or occasions in life when you come across people who inspire you a lot and leave their mark on you.

There is something about them that fascinates you and motivates you to be like them. You get a feeling that it is actually they who know what you should be doing to make your life worth living.

I talked to a few such people (both men and women) who are an epitome of love, life and success to create a blueprint for a life so that each one of you can stop making those mistakes which you have been doing till date and start managing your lives the way you should be.

The given blueprint starts right when you are in school and extends until the time you hit your retirement age:

1. School is just not about homework

You must not spend all your time, effort and energy in getting better grades during your school days. Remember, school is not a harbinger of success or happiness in life. There is a lot more for you to focus on during these formative years of your life. Participate in sports and engage yourself in other activities. Strive hard to gain competitive skills as they will motivate you to give your best shot always.

2. Don’t wait to go to grad school

If you wish to do MBA or go for masters in any other program, there is no reason you should stop yourself from doing so. The jobs can wait but you might never get a chance to go back to school later in life. This, however, completely depends on the career plan you have drafted for yourself.  The only point is that you must not leave a stone unturned in accomplishing your dreams because unfulfilled dreams create a permanent vacuum in your life.

3. Guard your marriage

Firstly, do everything that it takes to marry the love of your life. Never let your love walk away from you. And, when you are married you must guard your marriage and thrive on keeping your family together. It is because divorce is not socially acceptable and it is something that can permanently ruin the lives of kids. Thus, if you love your kids, you must stay married to their parent. For this to happen, it is not someone else but you who have to take the responsibility on your shoulders.

4. Become a Minimalist

It’s alright sometimes to follow the trend. Practice minimalism and your life will be in better control. By keeping your expenses in control, you will have more professional and personal flexibility.  Furthermore, you’ll be able to spend your time on things that matter more in your life than anything else.

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5. Gather courage to start your own thing

Have you ever thought about starting your own company?

By having your own company, you get abundant control over your life. In case the financial risk scares you, you can think about a funded company.  You may even do this in partnership so that you get the option to work less when it’s time for you to focus more on the family. This, however, certainly applies more to women than men.

6. Don’t let age ruin your happiness

Women as compared to men are more likely to get unhappy as they age. Even if this is true, what you must know is that it is very much possible to change the trajectory of your happiness. This will, however, happen only if you are willing to do things differently and stop living your life on someone else’s terms and conditions. Start by living differently right now when you are young so as not to have any regrets later in life.

Have you made any mistakes in life? Consider sharing them with our readers so that they are careful in not repeating the same mistakes and can, instead, make their life more meaningful.

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