Life Lessons to Be Learned From Sridevi’s Life

“Yeh lamhe, yeh pal ham barso yad karenge

 Yeh mausam chale gaye toh ham fariyad karenge”

These are the lyrics from one of the Sridevi’s songs and one of those few songs that have touched me deep inside-I literally grew up listening to this song every time I was at some farewell event. I wanted to write this so much. Honestly, I have been waiting to get into my writer’s groove right after the rays of the sun broke through on my birthday and I woke up to to the news of sudden demise of legendary actress Sridevi. I knew Sridevi only as much as most of you would know her through cinema. Yet the news of her death hit me so hard.

Seldom does life give an answer to the strangest of coincidences that happen? I think of those luminous and gorgeous eyes full of depth, two young daughters left behind and I can’t stop asking myself if this could be for real. The sudden death of the iconic actress triggered a frenzy of grief, disbelief and searching answers. There might be a few who would blame Sridevi for Mona Kapoor’s broken home but then there was something about her that made her life an exception- the reason for which the news of her death provoked a national wave of mourning.

Seeing her giant photograph on the white hearse edged with white flowers, I couldn’t help but think how there are so many invaluable life lessons to be learned from this much-loved actor’s life:

1. Work is Worship

I can never stop admiring this lady of few words who simply let work made all the noise. The reason there was no need for her to resort to smarmy marketing gimmicks was that she had devoted her life to her work. A charismatic lady, she shall always be remembered as a flawless performer who made acting seem effortless. The hard work she put into her work made her grace and gravitas unmatched.

2. Love Thy Family

Actor-MOM-Housewife-Actor Again– This is how Sridevi sums up her life on Twitter. It indeed requires a lot of courage to give up your work- something you’re born for but she gave it up in one stroke and devoted herself to her husband and their daughters. How easily she put her career on hold for her family. Seeing her love for Boney that has never even once let go her limpet grip on his left arm all these years, I don’t want to believe anything else but just that they were meant to be together.

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3. We Write Our Own Story

She was not a born superstar or had any such support that would make her journey easier. But she was a self-made success story. Apart from the looks God gave her, she was a legend of her own making by her own efforts and indomitable will-power. During her short lifespan, Sridevi proved that we all are sent here with a purpose and that is to write the story of our own lives. She certainly did it with grace, dignity and love.

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