Consider Writing for Highest Paying Travel Publications

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

                                                                                                                    – Ibn Battuta

Almost every person I come across happens to be a travel enthusiast. Travelling to them, these days, is more of a necessity than a luxury. Furthermore, most of them are looking for writing jobs so as to draft their travel stories. Because there are unheard stories and valuable experiences that can be shared for the benefit of other travelers.

Few of my followers are keen on kick-starting their career as freelance travel writers. They are extremely fond of writing travel pieces and destination features. And, they wish to make some money out of it at the same time. They, therefore, insisted me to do this write-up.

If you are not daydreaming and yours is a true commitment to travel writing, I am going to help you in making it big.

*Let’s Make this Easy*

Like any other career, the success in this field bases itself on the fact that how *badly* you want it. This, if you truly intend to work at building your freelance travel writing career, you must consider writing for print publications. The reasons being:

Reason #1: Your pay scales are modest.

Reason #2: Getting your name there is not bad. It is, in fact, amazing.

In this blog post, there is a lowdown of eight writing jobs. These jobs are for travel publications (contact details included) that pay you extremely well:

travel writing

#1 Wanderlust

A British travel magazine: covers adventurous, cultural and special interest travel.


Editor: Dan Linstead Editor-in-chief: Lyn Hughes

Looks for: Destination features and off-track travel experiences

Pay: £220 per 1,000 published words and £90 per 750 words

#2 Sunset Magazine

A lifestyle magazine in the United States


Looks for: Off-the-wall travel ideas within their coverage area that appeal to a large, general interest audience (70 percent women) more likely to live in the suburbs

Pay: Negotiable.

#3 Bootsnall

Around the world travel guide

Contact: at the link above

Looks for: Travel essays and articles


  • Feature Articles Program ($50/article)
  • Expert Articles Program on travel ($30/article)
  • Essays Program on Travel ($20-40/article)
  • Guest Posting (Bio and link to your site or blog)

#4 Northwest Magazines

An oregon coast magazine.

Contact: at the link above

Editor: Alicia Spooner

Looks for: Articles on Oregon destinations

Pay: $100 – $650 depending on content

#5 Road and Travel Magazine

An on-line publication that focuses on travel and personal safety needs of upscale consumers.

Contact: at the link above

Looks for: Articles on vehicle purchases, travel plans, and personal safety while traveling on the road

The idea is to help readers make informed travel decisions.

Pay: $25 – $100 per article

#6 GoNomad

Travel articles about great destinations all over the world.


Looks for: Destination features on travel and local events

Pay: $25 per feature

#7 The Expeditioner

A travel site for the avid traveler


Looks for: Articles on off-the-wall trail destinations

Pay: $30 per article

#8  Transitions Abroad

Founded in 1977; a travel guide to paid work; living and studying abroad.


Looks for: Relevant, practical information on study, work, volunteering, travel, and living abroad

Pay: $50 – $150 per article

There are numerous benefits of writing for print publications as written above. It can, therefore, be the most effective route for generating an easy and good amount of money. Nevertheless, you must be a competitive writer and be able to impress both publishers and your readers. There is also a flip side to this, otherwise, highly lucrative career. You don’t get any online benefits. In fact, there is no link building and sharing on social networks or profiles. Also, it might not be of any use if you are targeting traffic to your personal blogs or websites.

Last word:  When we weigh pros and cons, we conclude these jobs are definitely worth giving it a shot. It is because you never know when you head for something epic. Even more, this may also prove to be your best career decision in your life.

Happy Blogging folks! Wish you a successful journey ahead!

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