Luke Coutinho: Lifelong Medicine or Lifestyle Medicine?

“How many of you are on some special weight-loss diet?

And, do you seriously feel that this is going to work and give you results as against all the previous diets which you been following forever now?

Well, it might give you some temporary results but the harm it is going to do to your body is irrevocable.”

This is exactly how a famous Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach Luke Coutinho started to address the members of FICCI-FLO Ludhiana Chapter- a favorable and lifetime opportunity to listen to this distinguished personality vis-à-vis who specializes in the field of Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine. With his simple yet very effective and powerful mantras, he has become an influencer in the fields of health and wellness.

His Instagram profile with 38.6K Followers describes him as:

“Self -Made, Natural and Imperfect!”

Quite contrary to what sells in the nutrition and dietetics industry today, his lessons and teachings are extremely simple and each one of them traces back to our ‘ROOTS’ and ‘BASICS’ –our staple food and the food which we grew eating.

While there were many invaluable lessons and teachings that were to be learned from this man who has been instrumental in getting 4th stage cancer patients into remission while reducing the chances of a relapse, his USP remains:

“Use your common sense while making any of your food choices.”

How many of us are doing this actually?

A friend of ours decides to get on a ‘Keto’ diet and we immediately start making changes in our menu because it’s the next in thing.

A social media influencer starts advocating the benefits of going vegan and we are suddenly ready to give up on everything we grew up with. Why?

Do we find time to get ourselves to basics and in-depth information which might tell you things differently? It might interest you to know this:

  • Keto diet is a medical diet and should be prescribed only by qualified medical practitioners to patients diagnosed with a certain type of diseases.
  • It might be alright to reduce the consumption of milk and other animal products considering their deteriorating quality but does it make sense to you to wake up one fine morning and decide to quit everything you have been consuming ever since the day you were born- milk, cottage cheese, etc?

After listening to Luke, it makes complete sense to me to start using my common sense when deciding what to eat and what not to eat because it’s me who can listen best to my body. No one else can do it on my behalf.

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There were many more things to be understood, realized and experienced during one and a half hour of the session with Luke which I thought of summarizing in the points listed below:

  • It’s good to set weight-loss goals especially when you are obese but healthy and disease free body is certainly more important than a size zero body.
  • Fasting has a lot of significance in our religion. Rather than following any fad diets and leading our bodies to destruction, we should get back to doing what our ancestors practiced as their part of routine lives- Intermittent Fasting. In case you didn’t know, intermittent fasting is not a diet plan you follow but a lifestyle choice you make and is an effective method to lose weight. It’s an eating style in which you eat within a specific time period, and fast the rest of the time.
  • Besides Balanced Nutrition, there are 3 other important aspects of Holistic Health which you must never ignore- Adequate Exercise, Quality Sleep and Emotional Detox. Meditation and Yoga are certainly the most effective techniques for maintaining holistic health.
  • A lifestyle you follow has a direct impact on your children. None of you would ever wish to raise kids who suffer from sleep disorders or lifestyle diseases.
  • Success is nothing but what matters to you the most- a lot of money, fame or good health. It’s you who have to make your own choices.

Finally, this Mumbai based Holistic Nutritionist with a global presence and celebrity clientele poses a simple yet thought-provoking question:

“Lifelong medicine or lifestyle medicine?”

A Key Takeaway:

Lifestyle is your magic weight loss pill and medicine.

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