Madrid (Spain): What to do in San Miguel Neighborhood?

Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is a complete blend of history and modernism woven into traditions of past with the wonders of the modern-day world. Completely against the city’s symbol bear, there are abundant reasons to be bullish on this city that bubbles with reinvention and resourcefulness.

Situated in the heart of Madrid, the neighborhood of San Miguel has some interesting things to offer in the city known for its nightlife.

Gastronomic Delights

A hotbed of tapas (savory dishes of Spain) and cafes, there are plenty of options to try local delicacies in the close neighborhood of San Miguel.

Mercado de San Miguel, one of the city’s most beautiful markets enclosed within glass walls, is an inviting place for food and wine connoisseurs. Order anything from caviar to chocolate along with a range of local wines and cocktails available on the counter-bars. You’ll find this place thronged with people in the evening, thereby, adding to its liveliness and nightlife charm.

Outside Mercado de San Miguel

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Brave the crowds, grab yourself a drink and treat yourself with local delicacies.

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Plaza Mayor

Stroll around in Plaza Mayor to escape into Spanish history and learn about Spanish culture and Madrileños’ lifestyle. This plaza lined with impressive Baroque architecture, fancy shops, cafes, and restaurants is the city’s main square.

Plaza Mayor

From Plaza Mayor, you can walk to Puerta Del Sol, a public square in Madrid. It is one of the busiest and best-known places in Madrid. Also, all the Hop-on, Hop-off bus tours for those who wish to explore both the historical and modern Madrid depart from this place.


For you to be in the central area with the maximum popular tourist attractions, this area houses various hostels, vacation rentals, and hotels.

Where did we stay?

We stayed in San Miguel Suites right opposite to Mercado of San Miguel. Definitely, one of the most beautiful and chic apartments we have ever stayed in with a stunning view of the vibrant city culture.

Also, they have amazing student hostels (3 min walk from San Miguel) in the name of TOC perfect for solo travelers.

If you wish to be in the heart of Madrid, this is definitely your place for accommodation.

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