My World: Magic of Communications in the Virtual World

As a blogger, I had to write about the magic of communications in the virtual world at some point of time in my life.

How my life has been influenced by conversations that have taken place in this machine world?

And, how the life of an introvert underwent a transformation to an affable, lively and outgoing person?

 “Your words are magical!”

“You do a magic with your words.”

Every time I hear this, there is an adrenaline rush coupled with feelings of gratitude and motivation.

A feeling that there is a lot more to be done!

What follows is a reflection of all that has passed.

Sensations of how words have impacted almost everything in my life.

Eternal Friendships and Bonds: Inseparable Part of My Life

From Yahoo to Gmail and from Orkut to Facebook; the only thing that has changed for me is medium. Rest everything remains the same. My contacts and friendships still remain intact.

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Not many can relate to this and only few must have experienced it but there is a strange comfort I feel in talking to my close ones through written words or via communications in the virtual world.

If you know what I mean, you certainly either have a flair for words or have taken to writing at some point in your life.

My words give me a power and clarity to express my beliefs. They beautify my thoughts. And they give me an expression!

*Honest Confession*

For all those who claim to know me barring family (of course!), you need to have talked to me at least once in a virtual world.

Those who know me best are, indeed, the ones who have read my work and talked to me online.

It is, therefore, not the magic of my words but the magic of words in my life.

The bonds and memories created as a result of these ‘words’ are my treasure.

I owe some of the most beautiful friendships in my life to what I call is ” MY VIRTUAL WORLD‘.

The Blogging Hacks: My Passion

The power of words and communications in the virtual world extends much beyond relationships in my life.

My blog, my work is all about twisting and twirling words to give them new definitions and meanings in the world of internet.

From what started as a part-time activity has, today, become a full-time job for me.

My blog and my writings are some of the things that are extremely close to me. ‘Words”, as I say, have never failed me. Perhaps, they have given a whole new meaning to my life.

Almost every day, I get a new and exciting opportunity to work on a project that demands some magic with words. And, it is by virtue of words that I earn my livelihood.

To know that your words add a sense of purpose to someone’s life or even you can be a source of inspiration to someone is truly a great feeling. Probably, it is the best feeling ever.

Finally, it scares me to think what my life would be if there was no Internet, no virtual words, and no conversations.

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