Make Money Online in Lockdown- 6 Legit Ways to Women Empowerment

With the internet becoming an indispensable part of our lives, more and more women are coming forward to earn money online to amp up their financial inflows. This story discusses 6 legit ways on how women and homemakers can make money online during this Lockdown and share the financial load.

Laura Begley Bloom, Senior Contributor for Forbes Women and Founder of Begley Bloom Media shares in her post that the population of digital nomads would be closer to 50% in 2020 of the total workforce. More and more people are shifting to remote work to attain the much-desired independence and flexibility. Nobody likes the traditional 9 to 5 grind and undue work pressure in this increasingly competitive world. 

All thanks to make money online options that are unequivocally giving the women a desperate edge and helping them narrow the wage gap. Google seems to explode with make money online without investment searches. With online work, the place where you open your laptop becomes your office. 

It’s time to rip the old rules and become a digital nomad. Get head started with new make money online for free options and live your dreams.  

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The outbreak of COVID-19 has deeply disrupted every professional and social sphere of human activity. Most of the countries are under lockdown and businesses are shut. Uncertainties prevail even for the world post-lockdown. A story from Medium shares that even though the government is taking appreciable actions to support the people for their sustenance but still there are extra expenses such as electricity bills, education, rent, etc. that have to be paid anyhow.  

So, we have sleuthed out some of the innovative ways that digital nomads have been following to make money online and are earning pretty good. Anyone with a basic knowledge of the internet and computers can make money online without paying anything.

1.      Teach Online

As the schools and Universities have been closed due to lockdown, online study is the sole option left. People are looking for online tutors for their kids for various subjects. Having a sound knowledge about any subject makes you eligible to get enrolled in any online tutoring platform such as Vedantu, Unacademy, BharatTutors, etc.

Get yourself registered with any of these websites and give a new direction to your role apart from being a homemaker. You just need a laptop (with microphone and webcam) and a good internet connection. You can earn anywhere between 200 and 500 per hour depending upon your experience and expertise.

2.      Freelancing

If you are good at graphic designing, content work, logo designing, digital marketing, etc., go for freelancing work. There are many good freelancing websites such as upwork, worknhire, truelancer, fiverr, etc. that pay a good amount. Usually, the payment is based on the gig but you may pitch long-time work by impressing your clients and getting good reviews for your work.

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3.      Showcase Your Talent on Social Media and Sell

Good at baking? Sell your cakes, muffins, cookies and other bakery items in your local area. Showcase and promulgate your skills on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Social media channels can help you sell some good stuff that has limited access due to lockdown.

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered a huge demand for masks. Most of the medical shops are running out of stock or charging unreasonable high prices. Explore some YouTube videos or visit some websites to know the art of mask making. Now grab your sewing machine and make some extra-ordinary masks for the community. You can also sell them to nearby local stores to grab some handsome money.

We all have some skills and talents hidden within us. If you are good at art and crafts, make something creative and useful out of recycled material and sell it online. Create a social media page to create an avenue to sell them.

4.      Blogging

Blogging generally starts as a hobby, passion and interest but soon turns into a career (for most of the bloggers). If you are an avid writer and have a lot of things to express, just start a blog and start earning. There are two options to start your blog. For a zero-investment option, you can opt web-hosted blogs such as WordPress, Tumbler, etc.

If you want to have a self-hosted blog, for that you need to buy a domain name and space form a web hosting agency. The cost would generally come around 3000-5000 annually. You can easily monetise your blogs through ads, product reviews, Google Ad sense, Guest blogging, etc. 

But, blogging needs your time and effort. Earning from blog make take around 6-8 years in order to show significant results.

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5.      YouTube

Not comfortable in penning down your thoughts? YouTube provides a great platform to showcase your skills through videos and help you monetize them. Pick a niche that interests you and is trending amongst the audience. The topics can be anything from showcasing your culinary skills to sharing an opinion on political views and shaking a leg on famous dance numbers to home remedies etc. YouTube starts paying you as the number of subscribers cross 1000 and watch time of some fixed hours is attained.

6.      Translation Jobs

Having a good grasp of languages other than English? If yes then this ability of yours will help you fetch some handsome bucks online. There are many websites that require document translation from one language to another.

To help you understand in a better way, I’ll share an example. You must have seen your kid’s favourite cartoons are available in various languages. Who does this? A translator is given the responsibility to translate the script in multiple languages. I hope you got that!

The languages may include inter-converting various Indian languages, international languages into English and vice versa. As this is a time-consuming process most of the companies and websites prefer outsourcing this to freelancers. So, try your luck in translation. Start by exploring gigs on freelancing websites initially.

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Summing Up

Apart from these six, there are many other options such as affiliate marketing, taking online surveys, data entry jobs and PTC sites, etc. Just do a little homework and explore these options and decide which option works for you.

So, pull up your socks and grab your smartphone or laptop and start making money online with the comfort of your home in this lockdown.

Which one are you planning to try?

For more guidance, you can contact me or join me on my LinkedIn to learn interesting updates in the digital arena. Stay Home Stay Safe!