5 Ways to Make Money Out of Your Passion for Reading

Did you know that you could turn your love for books into a money making business? What you might find even more interesting is that you get to easily work-from-home and set your own working schedule.

Does it sound interesting?

Make Money Out of Your Passion for Reading

Given below are different job roles that you may take up to make money online if you love reading books:

1. Book Designer

What is the first thing you tend to focus on when you pick a book off the shelf?

For me, it’s the cover page of a book. As a reader, I never fail to appreciate beautiful books. I find such books fascinating and even more, I feel motivated to finish reading them quickly. To me, they reflect professionalism, vision and creativity. If they do the same to you and you truly appreciate beautiful books, why don’t you consider the job of designing books for your own self?

The skills required for the job can easily be learned online by watching tutorials or taking free online courses. Or, you can learn the use of the different professional software. Thereafter, you need to advertise your skills on social media and professional networking sites along with your own web page and network extensively with people. You never know where you find your potential client. After gaining some work experience, you can look for jobs with publishing houses or self-publishing authors. It is, indeed, considered to be a very lucrative business option.

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2. Copyeditor

From publishing houses to digital magazines and from website owners to bloggers, everyone is outsourcing copyediting work. The field offers a lot of scope for those who possess a professional Copyediting Certificate. In case you don’t possess it already, you can easily gain it by finishing an online course in copyediting. Also, you have an option to start-off on a small scale by demonstrating the clients your skills required for the job. And later work your way up the ladder by gaining certifications.

3. Proofreader/ Editor

In case you’ve got an eagle eye for grammar mistakes and possess some industry experience, you can easily land yourself a well-paying editing or proofreading gig. The job roles of online editors are not much common and will usually demand a lot of expertise whereas proofreading job roles are fairly easy to get. However, you need to market your skills on social media platforms, LinkedIn and other platforms.


Work-from-home: How to become a Proofreader?

4. eBook Converter

There are several authors who are extremely good when it comes to writing books but they don’t necessarily possess technical skills. Hence, they outsource tasks that are related to the conversion of books into different digital formats. In case, you possess skills required for converting the book file into e-book format, you can find abundant money making opportunities. The job will demand skills in converting book file into different digital formats like MOBI, EPUB, etc. The conversion is important so as to make book readable and look beautiful on various platforms such as Kindle. You might have to do some coding as a part of your job besides testing files on different devices to check the format even after the automated conversion is carried out.

5. Book Reviewer

Did you know that in exchange for an online review, you can get your next book free of cost or even earn some extra cash?

You can easily search for available opportunities on different platforms like Civitas, Moody Publishers.

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