Work-from-home: How to Make Money as a Proofreader

Being a grammar stickler is not easy these days. But if you’re a person who has an expertise in picking out typos and writing mistakes on reading diverse content, you’ve got a potential to e a rn vast amount of money. This is possible by taking work-from-home proofreading job. Because almost every business is now looking at making its presence felt online, there is a huge demand for proofreaders for the promotion of online content.

Many people confuse the job of proofreaders with those of editors. Even though the job roles of two can be interchangeable, there are some striking differences between their tasks. While the job of proofreaders is to focus on grammatical errors, syntax errors and formatting mistakes; the job of editors is to read the information and change it to meet the needs of an audience. The editors may omit or add information and change the voice or tone of written material.

Benefits of Working as a Proofreader

As a proofreader, you get to enjoy the number of benefits that are listed below:

  • You decide your own working hours and are free to set a flexible working routine for yourself.
  • The job of a proofreader can be carried out remotely from any location including your home. So if you’re a mother, you don’t have to worry about leaving your kids back home.
  • Because the demand for proofreaders is not going to decline for many years, you can easily ask for higher rates after gaining some work experience in the industry.

If the idea of working as a proofreader resonates with you, you might want to know more about making money out of this profession.

How Much Do Proofreaders Earn?

The average salary of a proofreader is estimated to be $18.86 per hour.

Source: Indeed

Their pay, however, varies greatly depending on their availability and skills.

Becoming a Proofreader

The best thing about taking up the job of a proofreader is that you don’t have to go through any formal training. However, it doesn’t hurt to expand your skill set by brushing up your skills.

You can easily hone your skills by taking any of the free training courses available online. Such courses don’t only help in polishing your skills but help you learn more about the industry and finding clients for your business.

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After gaining some work experience in the industry, it is recommended that you zero in on your specialization. Start taking up projects in an area of your expertise as it will give you more command over your job and promise you a rewarding career.

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Skills Needed

If you’re looking at becoming a successful proofreader, it is vital that you possess the skills given below:

  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Strong command over the English language
  • Dedication towards work
  • Eagle eye for details and grammar
  • Eye for detail
  • Impeccable communication skills

Proofreading Jobs

Now if you’ve decided to launch yourself as a proofreader, you can start looking for freelance projects or full-time job offers (both in-house and from a remote location) on the resources given below:


You might be required to clear editing tests and pass through the screening stages.

Starting Your Own Proofreading Business

By starting your own proofreading business, you can slowly grow your clients and set your own rates. Even more, you can expand your business by offering additional services depending on your skills and experience.

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