Morning Walks: Walk and Win Over the Mornings

The trick for a quick start morning is wake up with the morning alarm and just step in your walking shoes.Yes, you are ready to conquer the world. Well begun is half done and here you are beginning your day with a dose of fitness.

Morning Walks

The benefits of walking nearly double as you choose to do it in the morning hours. Morning walks, amidst the beauty of nature has its own aura and charm. Nature has its own way of soothing and calming you.

As I tread on in the morning, I feel the trees and open sky are exorcising the ills and negativity out of me and endorsing all that is positive and pleasant. This actually helps me retain poise and keep my sanity intact.

Quota of Vitamin D

Have you heard orthopedics emphasize walk coupled with sun rays are all that you need for your day’s quota of vitamin D? This particular vitamin is a must for each one of us from infancy to old age. It is highly recommended to encapsulate the ‘natural’ vitamin D as you walk instead of popping pills.

Walk, Jog, Run

To be free from any type of cardiovascular and blood pressure ailments, you can switch onto brisk walking or jogging and laps of running in between. This energy packed workout will burn the calories at a faster pace and the morning breeze will soothe your nerves.

Did you think that you envisage and plan your day and extract maximum productivity if you start your day early? Each morning walk opens the windows of mind, helps you chalk out your day and embrace each day gracefully.

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Nature’s Therapeutic Effect

I might sound like an old hag but greenery along with the cool breeze has therapeutic effects.

I strongly feel a connection with the sparrows chirping or the squirrels running haywire in and out the holes in the morning. Each creature fascinates me and amazes me as I walk.

Howsoever mentally or physically tough your previous day has been, the moment you step in your walking shoes and tread on the tracks, you will be rejuvenated and ready for the day’s challenges.

Stress Buster with Kids

Unlike gym or Zumba classes, one can easily continue this fitness regime even if the kids are home. Taking an infant in a stroller while you walk serves a dual purpose of calorie burn as well as invigorating freshness in the little lad. The parents/grandparents of kids can walk at ease while the kids play on swings and rides.

I honestly look forward to mornings when my son is home and he cycles along as I jog. Sometimes we race, we laugh and take our level of our relationship to a different hierarchy altogether.

Bonding with Friends

Each step with a friend, each giggle with a loved one in the morning could alleviate your mood and energy for the rest of the day. This is a superb way to bond over and create memories for life!

In fact, I happened to learn many cooking recipes from my walk buddy.

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Walk Each Day

The morning walk routine shall reap maximum benefits if done unfailingly every day without a miss. Maintain a fixed regime at the same time and you will surely conquer the world with your positivity and energy.

Promise me that you will consistently walk each morning. Will you?

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