Must-Know Off-Page SEO Hacks for Better Ranking in 2020

Till now you must have read my blogs on various SEO hacks and why they are important. Today I am going to share a very important aspect of SEO which if handled properly could bring up your web traffic and rankings dramatically.

Yes, I am referring to Off-Page SEO techniques.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO refers to techniques that are applied to other web pages and platforms so as to amp up the SEO rankings and website visibility.

Just as the name suggests, Off-page SEO techniques have nothing to do on the targeted website. Rather it deals with creating website links and brand-building techniques on other platforms. On-Page SEO techniques deal with SEO strategies that are implemented on the website and web pages.

Off-Page SEO is much more than merely link-building. It comprises of influencing people, relationship building, commenting, posting engaging posts on social media and building authorship.  

Importance of Off-Page SEO

Before that, understand the working of any search engine. Search Engines use crawlers or bots to crawl and index the web pages based on the on-page SEO elements. The Off-Page SEO techniques determine how well the content on the website is liked by the people. Also, how many people have shared the post on social media or have bookmarked the page on bookmarking websites. Off-Page and On-Page together bring a better ranking on the SERP.

The Need for doing Off-Page SEO

  1. Building Domain Authority

Proper Off-Page SEO significantly boosts your Domain Authority. Higher the DA or Domain Authority higher will be your rank on SERPs. DA is a metric created by MOZ that rates the website on a scale of 1 to 100. A better DA score will make your website list ahead of your competitors in SERPs.

2. Page Authority

PA is another metric created by MOZ that gives a rating to a particular web page. DA is related to the authority of the entire website whereas PA is concerned about a particular web page. The scaling is the same as in DA i.e. 1 -100. Off-Page SEO techniques help you to get high authority back-links that ultimately increase your PA score.

3. Better Page Rank

Just like DA and PA, there is another factor that plays an important role in deciding your rank in the SERP- PR or Page Rank. The Off-page practices ensure better PR for the websites as well as web pages, thereby, significantly improving the overall search engine ranking.  

4. Improve Brand Recognition and Reputation

Implementing off-page SEO techniques means growing your network as well. You need to interact with several marketers and webmasters that help you recognize how your website is perceived by the audience. With the changing search algorithms, off-page strategies also need to be changed else your efforts would go in vain. You need to create unique opportunities and strategies to boost brand recognition and reputation through the latest Off-Page SEO strategies in 2020.

5. Increases Web-Traffic

By implementing Off-Page SEO techniques, the website gets worldwide recognition which boosts more organic traffic from social media websites, referring sites, web directories and bookmarking websites. More visitors mean more opportunities for earning money online.

What are the latest techniques of Off-Page SEO hacks for better Rankings?

  1. Search Engine Indexing

Ideally, it takes around 2-3 months for a website to get indexed by the web bots or crawlers (web-spiders). But still, you cannot guarantee that your website would be indexed by the search engine in a particular frame of time. If the website isn’t optimized for the search engines, it may take even longer to index the complete website.

The best way you can do is to submit your website manually to the search engines for indexing. Every search engine offers some instructions to follow for webmasters if they intend to submit their website for indexing to GoogleBing or Yahoo.

To make sure that your website is indexed properly and in less time, webmasters need to follow the instructions die-heartedly. You need to submit a sitemap.xml file that contains all the URLs of the web pages of the website. This .XML file helps search engines to understand the website’s structure. The bots read and crawl through all the URLs mentioned in this file for indexing.

Apart from that, you need to update your robot.txt file and mention there which pages you want to display in SERPs and which you don’t want.

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2. Video Marketing

Video marketing continues to capture the audience with a bang! Most of the webpreneurs add videos to their blogs/posts explaining the content. So, if you have a blog then your next step should be creating videos to take your blog to the next level.  While creating a video:

  • Use high-quality video content
  • Create catchy snippets and an attractive title. Make the title descriptive.
  • Place keywords in the title wisely
  • Don’t stretch the video. Strive to keep it short that is within 4-6 minutes only. Short videos significantly reduce the bounce rate and keep your visitors engaged.

3. Image Sharing

Image sharing has come up as a new and effective method of driving and attracting traffic. This effective off-page SEO technique conveys the message in a very effective and concise way. You can try info-graphics, images, banners, etc for your content and share them to channelize traffic and get backlinks for your website. Creating a video requires a huge effort but an image takes much less time and effort.

Rather than hiring an image designer, you can take help from various free image designing websites such as Pixabay, Unsplash, etc. If you are using Pinterest, always use high-quality images for pinning. No-one cares to click blurry and noisy images. Try to go for vertical pins (taller ones).

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     4. Link Building

Link building is creating links on other websites that point back to your website. These links are called backlinks and the process of building external links is called link building. You need to build links from high-quality websites such as those with good domain authority (DA).  Links from a low-quality website won’t contribute significantly to your ranking.  One link from a high DA website is better than 100 low-quality ones. Websites with .gov and .edu domain have high authority and are extremely trusted. Getting a backlink from these websites would mean adding a feather in your cap.

5. Social Media Marketing

You must have read my blogs on social media marketing and how it is very crucial for your business. SMM is one major off-page SEO technique that can completely alter the dynamics of your SEO strategy.

Well, social media links are not considered in ranking algorithms but they do help in determining the popularity of the content/post or blog. If your post is having an excellent number of shares, tweets, likes and comments, these factors do account in deciding your SERP ranking at the end.

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Let’s brief all the hacks we have learned. Off-page SEO means link building, social media marketing, image sharing, search engine indexing and video marketing. You need to work on improving your DA, PA and page rank for better ranking.

If you want to know more about off-page SEO techniques or are confused about where to begin, then just write to me at I would love to hear from you.