Why must you visit Singapore at least once in a lifetime?

My recent trip to Singapore was quite a revelation and it surprised me in a number of ways.

I had always heard great about Singapore and there was nothing new in the fact I had known about this place for years- Singapore is a technology hub. Because I had already traveled to some of the most advanced nations of the world in the far west- I was least excited to visit this Asian country except for the reason there would be many cafes to explore. However, after coming back I am still in complete awe of the beauty, architecture, and technology this small island boasts of.

There are several reasons for which I feel motivated and pushed to write on ‘Why Singapore is a must to visit place for every travel enthusiast?”

One of the very few towns I would want to visit over and over again, Singapore tops my list of destinations and here’s why:

The Technology

In everything you do and see, the way the use of technology has been made is startling. There are smartphones kept in your hotel rooms to act as your guide while you roam around the city, for receiving and making WhatsApp calls and messages while you are away from your hometown. Also, there are robots serving you beverages in the casino area (Marina Bay Sands). Besides ‘GUIDES’ and ‘ROBOTS’, there are various other remarkable applications of technology in day-to-day life that leave you awestruck.

The Architecture

The buildings in Singapore are awe-inspiring- they reflect the evolution of the place from a Marina Bay Sands Singaporecolony to a cosmopolitan city. They are not only a visual delight to the eyes but also an evidence of the great heritage culture and concrete architecture. With an amazing architecture and excellent location, Singapore happens to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.



The Culinary Delights

When we talk of the variety of cuisines and delicious food available in Singapore, there is plenty to drool over. From Michelin-star restaurants to amazing cafes and to local food choices, gastronomic delights are abundant to tickle your taste buds. Are you still not convinced with the gastronomic offerings of the city? If your answer is ‘NO’ then you may seek out ‘four hands’ dinners- a new trend in the city with two specialty chefs collaborating on a meal, to create astounding results.

The Nightlife

With a lot of rooftop bars in the city offering amazing views of the city’s skyline and bay area, the districts like Clarke Quay, Boat Quay and Robertson Quay are must visit for all those who love dancing night long or enjoy live music.

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The Green Space

Singapore, nicknamed as ‘City in a Garden’ is an absolute paragon when it comes to greenery and Eco-friendly attractions. While a vast majority of nations in the world are getting engulfed by ever-increasing pollution, there is a lot to feel inspired and amazed at how the locals have beautifully swathed almost half of the entire island in green. Yes, the city is remarkably beautiful and a person like me who loves reconnecting with nature would never want to come back (if given a choice).

Gardens by the bay, Singapore



The Neighbourhoods

Yet another reason for which I fell in love with this city is that the traditional neighborhoods of this epic city are made for walking. For those who believe the best way to explore a new place is on foot, it’s a great thing indeed to know that the pedestrian corridors and sidewalks run parallel to the roads making it easier for explorers to take in the sights, sounds and smells of different ethnic communities present there- the Chinese, Indians and Malays.

The Family-friendly Attractions

Singapore is one such place where there are things for people in all age-groups to do and enjoy. From water parks to famous adventure parks like Universal Studios Singapore and the Skyline Luge– there are several attractions that are kid-friendly and also, good for those who love sending their adrenaline levels skyrocketing.



Universal Studios, Singapore

The Shopping

To shop till you drop, there are shopping belts like famous Orchard Road and Haji Lane where you can find everything from luxury brands to flea markets. This lion city has some of the best shopping malls. The Shoppes at Marina Bay is one of my favorite malls worldwide.

Finally, this place well-known for convenience and easy accessibility has many options for you to cruise around the city and come wanting to go back at least one more time.