My Journey as a Blogger (so far!)

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How much I enjoyed writing stories every bit as a 7-year-old kid and the momentum with which my study would receive recognition was really invigorating. All the same, my teenage years and the burden of books took a toll on my spirit. I have no distinct memories of how my love for words faded off.

Life moved on swiftly and having completed my masters, I resolved myself into a contented full-time job as an academic counselor. Soon, thereafter, the hard job of motherhood lay ahead of me. Jut like any other mom, I sacrificed my day job to become a stay-at-home parent.

As a mother, I would not easily settle for anything low in my career life. Therefore, I decided to establish myself as a freelance writer. At that place were many setbacks and the journey seemed very hard. Because nothing comes easy, I contended against all the odds to get a handsome amount as a freelance author. Today, after five years of being a freelance writer, I look back at the series of steps that helped me draft a successful blueprint for my maiden journey.


  • An extended research on the available options for work-from-home as a freelancer. The shortlisted ones by me included:

          Content writing,

           Blogging, and

           Article writing

  • Understanding the niche, I would master myself into as a blogger. The objectives were clear: handsome money, good recognition, and a bright future. As a major in Computer Sciences and with my short stint as a career counselor, the two genres became my obvious choices: Technology and Career.
  • The most difficult and obviously, the best decision was to do only the paid write-ups. This decision inflicted a heavy deal of trust, diligence and hard knocks in my career graph. To start off my career as a blogger, the $20 blog post option at came handy.


  • The journey to find better-paying writing gigs continued by scanning the multitude of online job boards. There was no dearth of available writing options at:

It took a while, but the results were, nevertheless, rewarding. My hourly rates kept shooting.

  • The resources on the internet helped me in learning and honing my Blogging skills. Thus, the virtual world helped me carve a niche for myself as a Blogger, Content Writer, and Virtual Assistant.
  • The thought of pitching my ideas to the private clients on LinkedIn and other social media sites helped me earn as high as $80 per blog post.
  • Going on to institute a strong portfolio (using one of the online service providers) to initiating my own blog.

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Having pronounced that, my life is no different from any other author. I received my share of rejections and throwaways. The journey as a freelance author has been a roller-coaster ride. Still, I look back to realize that I have got myself into a successful woman and a contented mother.

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