The Mystery of Work-Life Balance

Everyone out there seems to be interested in achieving work-life balance these days. Talk to recruiters and they would tell you millennials value work-life balance to an extent that they are even ready to compromise fancy salary packages that get offered to them. This brings me to a point where I start thinking what is it that constitutes work-life balance?

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is something that is unique to every individual. Everyone understands something different by work-life balance. It, therefore, requires a lot of active awareness and conscious choices to create a successful and satisfactory personal and professional life.

In order to find your answers and the true meaning of work-life balance in your life, you need to understand what makes you happy, the things you’re most passionate about and what you can do all day long without getting tired.  Remember, it is all about what you want and what you like. You must not be, therefore, driven by outside influences. Instead, you must strive hard on finding your own path, thereby, not letting any outside influence create any inner conflicts for you.

For example, for a professional mother the work-life balance implies getting sufficient time to devote to her child/ children. For someone else, it might just mean the flexibility of doing the job from any location so as to be able to travel frequently.

Are you still not clear on what will make you feel you have achieved perfect work-life balance in your life? Try answering the simple questions given below and you might just find your answers:

What are your priorities in life?

What is it that you value the most in your life?

Where do you want to see yourself in future?

Where do you want to put your maximum time and attention?

By reflecting on your answers, you’ll be able to understand your true self and what comes first to you. As a result, the choices you make will be more constructive and there will be better utilization of time. When there is clarity of things in your life, you feel there are no inhibitions in saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  As a result, the life automatically starts changing its course towards its betterment and you start feeling much more satisfied.

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Remember, life is majorly about the choices you make. It is the choices you make that determine how much happiness and satisfaction you get in your life. By listening to your inner voice, you can make choices that are capable of directing your life in a positive direction. However, such choices that make us feel better about our lives are not easy to make and stick to. They require courage, willpower and focus in life.

Finally, the change takes place only when you stop making excuses to yourself. Only when you start aligning your time and energy with what you feel is important in your life; you start achieving work-life balance. Even if that means changing your job to make it more suitable for your needs, personality, and lifestyle, you’ve to stand up for that change. It is only by gathering the desired amount of courage and feeling ready to do everything it takes to bring in the change, you start getting closer to living a life that contains a perfect work-life balance.

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