Need of a Responsive Website for your Freelance Writing and Blogging Career

Are you looking for some freelance writing assignments or Blogging projects? All the more, are you craving more fans? I know, somehow, it’s not working and that’s why you are here. Let me try and help you!

One of the major reasons could be your non-responsive website. Ok! Now, what does that mean? Is there another technical glitch? Not yet, again!

Relax! It’s simple and easy.  It means that your website or blog is not mobile friendly. The content on it is shrunk so as to fit smart devices like tablets, phones, etc. Basically, a user of your website who doesn’t have an access to a laptop has no option than to stare at it and simply zoom in, zoom out. Frustrated and with thousands of Blogs available online, what will make a user stick to yours?

Remember, attention span is extremely short in the world of the Internet and you don’t have much time to impress your readers. The worst thing you can do as a Blogger is to expect your readers to find their laptops for reading your posts.

Will it not be awful for you if you happened to be a visitor to one such Blog? Likewise, it is for your readers and potential clients.

The coding of a responsive website is in a manner so that it automatically adjusts itself on a mobile device. It looks pretty and it looks exactly the same. Additionally, it offers scalability and integrity.

Reason #1

Grabbing the attention of your readers doesn’t happen to be the only reason for having a responsive website. You need one for improving the Google rank of your website. According to Google’s updated algorithm, a website ranks higher if it is responsive. Therefore, a website that is easily accessible from a mobile device will only be crawled. By all means, you don’t intend to lose on to your Google AdSense earnings.

Reason #2

A responsive website helps to demonstrate the seriousness and professionalism of your writing and blogging career. When not so tech-savvy folks get directed to your posts, you don’t want to disappoint them with your outdated Blog design. Notably, designing is as important as your writing skills in today’s digital world.

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Reason #3

The number of people adopting the usage of mobile devices is skyrocketing. Being that the case, it is no surprise that a website gets a majority of its traffic from mobile devices users. Quite a high proportion of searches happens on such devices. For this reason, you must not be willing to lose a crazy number of visitors to your site. Whether you aim at monetizing your blog or are looking at some writing offers from your clients, you just can’t afford to miss traffic driven by mobile devices.

How to Get a Responsive Website?

A truly amazing aspect of having a responsive website is that it doesn’t need any cost or time investments. Don’t you believe me? It’s so damn easy. You don’t have to be a coder or a designer.

All it requires is a selection of responsive theme from thousands of absolutely free templates on platforms like WordPress. Believe me, there is no reason for not to have a WordPress empowered website. And, it is much easier to get and maintain a responsive website for your business than you ever thought it to be. No hassles at all! Now, what if you are not a WordPress user and you don’t want to rebuild everything from ground zero?  You can still do it easily. Use WordPress feature of importing sites and get everything fixed.

Final words: As a freelance writer or blogger, you must not leave any stone unturned to make your readers and clients happy. And, getting a responsive website for you is a must-to-do thing.

It’s time to rock your website. See the dramatic results and keep writing good stuff!

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