No, You Can’t Have It All

I have been trying for a while to develop the habit of self-analysis. Honestly, there has not been much success on this front but whenever I enter this zone, the first realization is that there is a lot to be done.

Those few extras Kilograms to be shed…

Coffee intake needs to be moderated…

Better time management to enhance productivity…

Sleeping hours to be cut down…

And a lot more…

There seems to be an infinite list of things to be taken care of. But the paucity of time is always a problem. Then, there are other reasons as well.

Is it just me? No!

Nagging mothers, sad wives and furious husbands is a common sight these days. Almost everyone seems to be running around. Not to be left behind are the tender souls who can hardly speak but are made to attend 3-4 extra classes every day. After all, there is so much to be done and you don’t want yourself or your kids to be left behind in any possible field. It is because today you’re better connected to the world and are a lot more aware than your ancestors.

You want to leave a mark everywhere. You want to earn a fortune, settle yourself into a happy marriage and raise super kids. You wish to be extraordinary and you wish to be exceptional.

But, did you know everything ‘exceptional’ comes at an opportunity cost?

Look into the channels of history and you’ll find most of the influential people in the world either remained single their entire lives or minimum into their 30s.

Likewise, an extra hour of work means losing one more hour of your sleep.

Basically, you tend to lose a series of other things by doing one extra thing.

And because your society now offers you abundant opportunities, you find it difficult to devote yourself completely to one thing.

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How Can it Hurt You by Being Overly Judgmental?

Look around and you’ll hardly find any person completely dedicated to his/ her partner. There is no time and there is no energy left. The result is broken marriages and compromised relationships.

By dragging kids to one class after another, you make them no less than functional machines and the result is lost innocence and childhood.

There is a constant reminder of things left unfinished and you live a life of fear. It is because you want to have it all. You’re bombarded constantly with things missing in your life. Even, you’re drowned in stories of others all the time. This is actually where you all have come to in your lives:

Look, if this is actually where you all have come to in your lives:

You want more money. Also, you want happier kids and a bonded family. Of course, you also want to live the life of a digital nomad. And, you want to travel and you want to accomplish everything possible. 

Because you want more all the time, you’ve lost your peace and are constantly looking for solutions to increase your productivity. But, what if I tell you the only solution is to accept you can’t have everything in your life.

Tell me, why can’t you accept inevitable limitations in your life?

And because there are limitations, why can’t you prioritize things in your lives?

All I wish is it was possible to make it simple and choose what matters the most to you and live peacefully with the choices you make in your life.

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