Why are you not Making Money Blogging and How Can you Change that?

Let me start off with a simple and basic truth:

You have landed on this page because you’re not making enough money Blogging and it has become one of your greatest worries over the time.

Something you must know is that you’ll never be able to make any money out of your Blog if you continue doing the wrong things.

The worst thing you can do as a Blogger is to continue doing the same things time and again and expect some miracle to happen.

Answering the original question as to why you are not making money Blogging, here is a lowdown of some important things you don’t do and therefore, they narrow down your money making goals as a Blogger.

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Does your blog have some specific categories of writing?

You are working really hard trying to create some unique and compelling posts but there is no traffic. Why have you not thought about diversifying yourself?

Consider writing on topics that are trending and are in demand. This might require you to carry out some research to find out about the most searched topics.

Adopt new styles of writing and work hard to enrich your vocabulary.  Always make the fun, the joie de vivre part of your writing and your blogs.

Hit and Trial

If one thing is not working, try something else!

For example:

If you are finding it difficult to get traffic from Facebook, focus your energy on other sources like LinkedIn or Twitter.

The trick of the trade is to throw your content everywhere possible on the web. It might take time but you’ll ultimately reach your target audience.

In the process, you need to identify the best promotional strategy for your business depending on your goals and business model.

Meaningful Blogging

Is your Blog serving some useful purpose?

Work at creating blog posts that can add meaning to the lives of your readers. Solve their problems, inspire them and motivate them to make their lives better. Work towards a mission and try not to focus too much on the money. Above all, don’t do what others are doing. Because you’re unique, so must be your blog!

Strategy Formulation

Just like any other business, you need a blueprint for your Blog as well, especially, if it means business for you.

Draft a plan for all the investments you need to make in order to stay relevant in the market and from where you will get the required funds.

Figure out what all services you need to outsource and what are the tasks that can be taken care of by you. Thereafter, you need to make a plan for the recruitment of competitive team members at decent market rates.

Product Creation

Your blog posts alone will never suffice if you’re looking at generating handsome money out of your Blog. You need to either create a set of products that you can sell to your readers or expand your pool of services.

There are many successful bloggers who have ventured themselves into affiliate marketing or/ and selling of e-books, courses and other products.

The challenge for you is to identify what suits you best and makes you most competitive. For example, I diversified myself by started offering social media marketing and promotional services to my clients, primarily, due to reasons as given below:

  • I was never inclined towards creating e-books and online courses. Even more, I felt the market is already saturated with these products and I won’t be able to offer any unique product.
  • I possessed the skills required for Digital Marketing and was interested in exploring new things in this field. I knew the combination of blogging and digital marketing skills would be perfect for me to generate more business for my clients. And, it worked!

Final Words:   

Keep trying new things; continue working hard and you’ll definitely make it big!


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