Offbeat Weekend Getaways

A recent weekend trip to Palampur in North India was quite a revelation. How new cottages and home-stays are coming up with an idea of offering a unique experience to their guests. Their uniqueness lies in:

  • Remote locations,
  • Closeness to nature,
  • Breathtaking views, and
  • Luxurious stays

Our stay at Rakkh, a newly built property at a site where there is no sign of civilization was an understanding of the fact that these people understand:

“Serene Environment, authentic cuisines, and limited occupancy never fail to captivate their guests’ attention and they never stop yearning for more.”

Not so long ago, getaways to such secluded or isolated places were much in existence. A weekend getaway simply meant:

“A short trip to nearby popular destination with a nice stay”

The youngsters prioritized cool and happening party places with a chic crowd whereas families preferred kids’ friendly places. This reminds me of an understanding that came naturally to me as a kid:

“Lonely stays are only meant for writers, poets, artists or monks. As they are the people who wish to admire the virgin beauty and value simplicity of life.”

We didn’t know it then or even made an effort to estimate the power of the stimulating effect such places have and value added by them to our personal and professional lives.

The trend, however, seems to be making a paradigm shift as more and more people now look for off-beat destinations far from a maddening crowd. While change still remains the primary motivation behind any trip, the ideas that define this change are no longer the same for most of us.

What do such Places Offer?

More than just a comfortable and luxurious stay, such places offer exciting things. Depending upon your interest, you may opt for an adrenaline pumping excursion activities like biking, trekking, etc. Even more, places like Palampur also offer Paragliding.

If you’re not an enthusiast of physical activities, there is nothing to get discouraged. Such places often have stunning spa and wellness retreats. Consider enrolling yourself in a session or a short course of yoga and meditation. It is going to be an exhilarating experience not to be forgotten in a lifetime.

Finally, it’s even better if you’re a foodie. Authentic dishes will blow your mind and tickle your taste buds. While the food preparation is healthy and nutrient-rich, you may also opt for home-style cooked food.

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How much do they Cost?

A budgeted weekend holiday will not cost more than 12,000 INR for a couple while an ultra luxurious one can cost upward of 25,000 INR.

Next might be your turn to jump on the bandwagon and come back home rejuvenated, charged up to take on the daily chores of your life!

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