One in Three: A Small Step Towards a Big Change

Talking about the significance of women empowerment, I find myself associated with this term much beyond its literal meaning.

Let me ask you a simple question:

Why do you think women empowerment is important?

Is it because our patriarchal society has been quite unfair to women in oppressing their voice, opinions, and growth?

Indeed. But,  there is a lot more!

It is desirable because women are identified as the most talented and capable resource on our planet Earth.

Even though this realization was made decades ago, they still remain oppressed.

It deeply saddens me to see how family violence and domestic abuse continues to rot our society.

It’s a long battle against this epidemic. But, we shall never stop!

There is an indomitable will to bring forth a change and there’s nothing that can deviate us from the path that leads to our ultimate goal. Let’s commit to ourselves that even if step-by-step, we will continually tread on this path. We understand traversal on this path might take a lot of time but will ultimately take us there.

This change, however, demands action. It demands expression and support if nothing more.

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One such program supporting this change is the Poetry Corners. This women’s day, the Poetry Corners set-off on its journey to transformation and change in the society by launching the digital poetry exhibition.

Titled “One in Three”, 22 women from diverse cultural backgrounds talk about their experiences of family violence and domestic abuse in Australia.

Produced by Emma Macy-Storch,  One in Three encourages the, otherwise, reluctant women to share their stories so as to encourage change in communities.

It is an emotional and powerful experience to see the authors along with other members performing the poems. A short video revolves around the fact:

“It’s one in three and yet we are silent!”

Are we, seriously, ashamed of talking about the violence that is directed against us, our souls and our bodies?

It perturbs me when people in our society tell us to adjust.

What upsets me, even more, is that they ask you to adjust so that you’re not judged or blamed by the society Sigh!

Seeing this video that is a roller coaster ride of emotions, there is an urge to share a dream of mine with you folks:

It’s a dream of the world that belongs as much to a girl as it does to an opposite gender,

It’s a dream of the world where there is no fear of hatred, inequality or violence,

It’s a dream of the changed world, changed you, and changed me!

If anyone of you shares my dream, it’s time to step out of our comfort zones and speak about this grievous issue. It’s time to inspire change and finally, it’s time to change the story.

Final words:

One in Three is a small step by Poetry Corners towards inspiring change that starts from within the community. Let us all do our part in bringing forth this change and the least we may do is applaud true and genuine efforts of some great people around us. Let us begin by spreading a word about the cause that is dearest to me, you and a lot more.

Click on the link given here to watch the video: One in Three

P.S. There’s something that tells me you’ll not hesitate in sharing this video if you support feminism like the way I do.