How to Overcome Your Quarter-Life Crisis?

Are you experiencing some serious low points in your life?

Do you feel confused and anxious all the time?

Does it seem that there is not much purpose to your life?

Finally, are you between mid-twenties and thirties?

If yes, the first thing for you to know is that it’s not only you. It’s perfectly normal to feel what you’re going through. It’s just that you’re struck by your quarter-life crisis.

I get there too multiple times and feel struck.  I feel desperate to hold onto time, catch up with old friends, revoke certain decisions of mine and accomplish a lot more. At times, life seems to be turbulent and then there are times when there is a feeling that life couldn’t be any better.

This story is not just mine. It could be of yours and many others like you.

Believe me; I know it’s not simple. And those who tell you to simply get by are the ones whom you find most annoying during this time. It’s frustrating how things are always going in your mind. It seems as if there are so many unanswered questions and that you’ll never find your answers. It is perturbing indeed and you want to get over with it soon.

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Even though there is nothing that can completely kick-off this awkward time in a blink of an eye, there is a lot you can do to make yourself feel better:

Do you dream a lot?

It’s alright to dream because it makes you learn what you actually want and how to be limitless. And, it is only then your mind perceives an idea of what you want that makes you accomplish your goal.

It makes you excited, feel happy and accomplished. It’s fun and it’s even important.

But, the time you spend daydreaming needs to be moderated. Also, you need to be realistic with your dreams.

The fabulous start for you would be to stop lazing around and then complaining about your failures. Focus more on working hard towards the accomplishment of your goal and spend less time thinking about your misfortune. You would find yourself a calm and happy person.

Are you always comparing?

Rather than staying focus on your path and comparing your progress with the beginning of your journey, are you too much into the habit of comparing yourself with others? To make it worse, do you spend most of your time stalking others on social media only to find out everyone else out there is doing a lot BETTER than you.

Don’t tell me that you REALLY feel they all are doing better than you.

Tell me, what is the purpose of your life?

To live and make your life better or someone else’s?

Although evaluating your own progress and accomplishments might help you, comparing yourself with others will ruin everything for you. It’s simple. Their life is not yours and vice-versa.

Do you keep things to yourself?

When you talk your feelings to others, it makes you feel better. In order to release your feelings that are holding you back, you need to be with someone you trust, with one who makes you feel whole and encourages you to talk more. Has it happened to you ever that by being with someone you can’t stop talking? Suddenly, you feel there is so much to talk. You need to talk your heart to such people. In case you don’t have any such person in your life, you can go to a life coach.

Finally, consider doing things you’re most passionate about more frequently. Even if it happens slowly, they will certainly help you come out of your crisis. Like for me, it’s writing. What’s it for you?

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