Overcoming the Pain of Missing Someone

The Pain of Missing Someone

Have you ever felt lonely and missed the presence of people around you even if you’re surrounded by people at that time?

It’s a common feeling to feel lonely with and without specific reasons.  I feel the same number of times.

This feeling is bound to persist for days and years when we lose someone close to us.

Or, it could simply be that person close to us (a friend or a lover or a family member) has moved away from us meaning we can no longer be in frequent contact or meet that person often as we would do earlier.

That feeling haunts us day and night…..

We get up from a deep sleep dreaming of that person and our body shivers…..

We want to scream, we want to cry and we want to do everything possible to get back to that person…..

All we want in life is the sight of that person or just another round of conversation. But, it doesn’t happen. Even if it does, it would never happen at times when we would want it the most.

Some of us shed tears for days and some for weeks. Over a period of some time, our eyes get dry and stop shedding tears but the pain still remains there.

There are people in our lives, the pain of losing whom we carry to your grave.  The separation is the worst form of pain that can happen mentally to us. But all of us survive that pain.  That pain might have a drastic effect on us but we all learn to cope up with it. There will always be moments/ occasions when we will have brief interludes of loneliness or missing that someone special but sooner or later we will find a way to deal with them.

In order to overcome the acute pain of missing someone special, you need to realize that there is no substitute for learning to deal with the pain because it is something you’ll have to live with it all your life.

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Things You Can Do

  • Small things like going out with a friend, reading a book, watching a movie or taking a stroll can elevate your mood and help you come out of your brief interludes of loneliness immediately. Over the years, I have identified that it’s either writing or going out with a friend that helps me the most when I am in the lowest state of my mind.
  • You need to think positively all the time. Even a slight negativity in your thoughts can bring you down and make you feel low and lonely.
  • Get extremely busy in your work. This will not give you much time to feel low or dwell on memories with that person.
  • Add a meaning to your life. Set yourself on some mission (small or big) that you know will give happiness to your loved one. It will not surprise you to know that many writers and singers are born while trying to heal themselves from the pain of missing someone special.
  • Smile even when you’re at your lowest self. You never know what the opposite person is going through in life. His/ her sorrows in life might be bigger than yours. Just a smile of yours can ease his/ her pain and you, in turn, will get positivity in your life.
  • Healthy food and daily exercise can do wonders in making you feel better. When you start feeling good from inside, you slowly start getting back to life and your stress levels start dropping.

Finally, it never hurts to get an advice of a psychologist or psychiatrist. You might just not realize but it’s quite a possibility that things might just get too much out of the control and start affecting your physical health.

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