A Roadmap to Discover and Create a Life you Love

By Meeta Gupta:

Deep inside within each one of us there lays a magnificent, magical world. This place is the origin of all the creative work. Consciously or sub-consciously humans yearn to experience this life. However, few humans (only the fortunate ones) experience this in their lifetime. People, who peep inside and are able to nurture it, live extraordinary lives. They learn to remain calm, content and peaceful despite all the challenges.

Human beings are reservoirs of energy and unlimited potential. Nowadays, we have surrounded ourselves with so many energy drains and constraints which limit our true potential. We are in a mad race of accumulating outer happiness and to be best of all the times. Intuition, resilience, compassion and determination are a few of the countless qualities you awaken within yourself on this inner journey. By navigating your outer life from this inner space you get connected to your own wisdom.

The solution to all problems lies within. Kids operate from this place. They are fountains of creativity and imagination. Anything is possible in their world. They express their true self and no matter what, kids never compromise with their happiness. Let’s awaken our child within and embark ourselves on this beautiful journey to the magical world. I promise you, you will discover a treasure that you will cherish for a lifetime. Whatever excuse mind gives you, you need to listen, become stubborn like a child and get ready for a blissful journey ahead!

Human beings are reservoirs of energy and unlimited potential. Nowadays, we have surrounded ourselves with so many energy drains and constraints which limit our true potential.


Here is a lowdown of simple steps which you need to follow for a complete transformation:

Become Calm and Peaceful

Choose any place where you can just be with yourself. Now make yourself calm and peaceful. Even if you are in a midst of facing any challenge or adversity, you can calm yourself. It’s your body, your own physical vehicle which will help you move inside this divine world. You can calm yourself by listening to beautiful music, reading, visualizing your achievements or yourself as super humans capable of making anything possible. All of us can do this. And, when your body is calm and peaceful, you can easily have a look at your inner world.

Watch your mind- its thoughts and what it loves thinking most of the time. Watch your breath-rhythm. Be in your inner space. We call it our ‘CAVE-TIME’. Initially, cave -time may seem to be monotonous. Your mind will wander off to various places. It will remind you of various activities like eating, watching T.V, finishing left -over work and so on. Just don’t listen and cross these hurdles. It is all about making yourself comfortable in this uncomfortable zone. Use your will power and keep your mind inside your inner realms of cave no matter what! You may initially start with 15 minutes and progress further.

One simple rule: “The more time you spend in your cave, the deeper you reach.”


As you continue with your cave-time, you will become aware of what you think most of the time. Start discovering your ‘dominant thoughts’: the thoughts which occupy your mind for most of the time. These thoughts can be positive, negative, related to any third person or even a situation. You don’t have to be judgmental or critical. We need only awareness. It is going to be an amazing discovery to become aware of your dominant thoughts.

Golden lines: “Your thoughts are building blocks of what you want to be. They are raw material for creating your future.”


Now, it’s time to have a conversation with yourself. You are your own best friend on this journey. Ask yourself “what things you love to do?”, “What you are naturally good at? “, “What thoughts energize and fulfills you?” Do not limit yourself. Talk to yourself in an audible voice in your room. Express your innermost feelings. Gain clarity on what you want in life. Your goals can be one or more. Imagine yourself with your goals achieved. These will be your ‘Super-thoughts’.

From this point onward, you need to compare your ‘Dominant thoughts with ‘Super-thoughts’. Your raw material for future thoughts is ‘Super-thoughts’.

Manifesting Super-Thoughts

The process of guarding your mind gets started. Now onward, all you want is ‘super thoughts’. It requires a lot of practice. You need to constantly remind yourself to shift to ‘super thoughts ‘. Soon, you will see your super thoughts turning into reality.

Our inner world is a replica of the Universe. Watching your thoughts is a preliminary stage. As you discover and explore deeper, you will experience your True-Self. All it takes is a few steps to see how the Universe conspires in helping you move ahead on this journey.

As you cross the hurdles of guilt, anger, jealousy, hatred, negativity and replace them with ‘LOVE’, you discover ‘Treasure’.

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Bio: Meeta Gupta is a voracious reader and beautiful story-teller. She is a spiritual healer who loves to explore, discover and nurture her inner garden. She is also authoring a book on the inner-world.